Needing to sell all my dvc vacation club points


Hello all…unfortunately I am needing to re-sell my 160 points at Animal Kingdom Villas…my DBF and I split up and I can’t afford it on my own:crying: I have it listed at The Timeshare Store…it’s the only AKV one listed. I’m hoping by putting it out here that it’s over there it may generate interest? Or maybe someone might have an idea of how I can get it to sell over there? Thanks for any help…


Sorry to hear about your situation. Good Luck.


awww, I am sorry to hear about the break up.
I would love to take it off your hands. How much does it go for?


I am sorry about your split- even more sorry that you are saying goodbye to them. How much are you selling them for? Im sure that there are many here that would at least look into it for you.


I’ve never done it myself, but have you thought about renting the points out? I was thinking maybe if you rented the points this year, maybe next yr you may be in a better spot money wise. However if paying for the contract is really way beyond what you can afford, getting rid of it might be better.


Sorry to hear about your break up. I am sure you will be able to sell your points though. Just wish I was in the position to buy them!


Please post a link to your add, Becky


I’m sorry about your breakup! They are never fun! But this seems a little bad for you if you have to give up a dream like this! Have you run all the numbers out over and over to see if you can keep it… and rent- like others are suggesting? A lot- and i mean a LOT of people don’t want the fees of owning but love the resorts and would love to rent I’m sure…

hang in there!
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I have to agree…I think you can rent it and do really well! Especially at AKV!!! GOOD LUCK.


I’m one of those people who would be interested in renting them. If that’s a route you choose to do, please pm me and we can go over in more detail.


Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts. Because I have listed it for resale I don’t think I can rent out the points. If you are interested in more info. it is at DVC Resales / Disney Vacation Club / The Timeshare Store, Inc. Thanks so much…Becky ps I will still go to Disney but now will need to be at value resorts and after tax return money comes in…


I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you get what you need out of this situation but I definately agree that renting them out will MAKE you money! Read into it and if it doesn’t sell for what you want through resale you can consider that.

Good luck!


Anyone else having trouble bringing up the info on The Timeshare Store’s website? When I ask for DVC resales, it just sits there, never opening up. Can you post your information here please.


I can’t get it to open either.


I couldn’t get it either :sad:


I couldn’t either when I tried again…any suggestions?


You could definitely MAKE money. You can rent AKV for $12-$14 a point. I see it on DIS rented for that much! Even at $12 a point, you are making $1920 LESS your maintenance fees…which are about $600-$700, right?


I agree - rent them, make few hundred ech year and put it intoa savings acct for a year you decide to use it yourself.


I agree – rent them, and perhaps next year you – or you and another significant other, or friend, or family member – may be in a better position to use them.


I must agree! Financially, it may be to your advantage to keep them. I am sure that you will have NO problem renting them out. We tried very hard to get ressies at AKV and were never able to!