Nemo and FastPass


Yesterday I was at my daughters orthdontist office. The secretary mentioned that she had just returned from DL (lucky). I asked her about her trip and she said it was very nice. I asked about Nemo and she said she didn’t go on it because it reminded her of the OLD sub ride (whatever). But she did mention that she thought that DL offered Fast Passes for Nemo. This is the first I have heard about that. According to recent posts, the average wait is 180 minutes (yuk). So fellow DL lovers what is the good word on fast Passes??


Nope…no fast passes for the Nemo ride at DL. If they were offered I would have used them! Sorry…no good work on fast passes for Nemo:(

At least not the last time I was there…which was about a week ago.


:mellow: So, you’d have to wait in line for how long??? The weather there is ???


I’ve seen it when the wait is 3 hours plus. Yeah…not gonna happen. When I rode it the wait was only 90 minutes. Right now the weather is very nice(unusually so)…in the mid 80’s. But…it is usually very warm…for CA…in the 90’s…sometimes it can get hotter in August and September. They do have umbrellas lining the queue though. :slight_smile:


when my uncle and cousin went on last week they were able to find a 30min wait at about 5mins to midnight.


Too bad!!! Maybe they will add it before my October visit…


:eek: No FPs??? It’s their hit new attraction, and they didn’t bother installing FP kiosks??? What were they thinking???


Not sure fast passes are going to work there… :sad:

The space is at a premium… :pinch:

No room for the 20 x 20 area required in order to place the machines… :mellow:


There are DEFINATELY not FPs available for the Nemo subs. We were there in VERY busy June and got to ride it twice. Both times were during “early entry” and we zipped there, we waited 30 minutes and then 45 minutes b/c a sub broke down. Otherwise, later in the afternoon we were seeing the wait at 120minutes. Get there early!!!