Nemo on Ice


Anybody seen this? Is it worth it?

It’s coming to Mobile 04 May and Pensacola 07 May. I was thinking about going with some friends. I’ve never seen any of the ‘on Ice’ shows. I love the movie… ok, mostly for the sea turtles :wub: … but I’m not sure how well they adapt it to the ice show.


I haven’t seen Nemo, but I did see Pinocchio on Ice when I was little. :wub: It was wonderful in every sense of the word.

I kind of wonder myself how Nemo would be adapted on ice…seems a little awkward…:laugh: But if it were me, I think I would definitely go anyhow. There’s something really magical about all their On Ice shows.

If nothing else, it will give you something fun to do for the evening! :smile:


We went to the Nemo show. We had 6 kids and 8 adults. We all LOVED the show. It was my first Disney on Ice. And after that it will not be my last that for sure. You will enjoy :mickey:


I took DD to Nemo on Ice when it came to Phila. New Year’s Day. It was a great show. Last year we saw Monster’s Inc. on Ice and I was not impressed at all. I was so unimpressed that I wasn’t going to go to Nemo, but at the last minute I decided to get tickets. It was great. I was surprised at how they brought the ocean, aquarium and characters to the ice. We really enjoyed this one. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next year.


The On Ice shows have always been AMAZING! We get delighted every time we go with lots of clever surprises and new ideas. Nemo sounds Awesome, I have not seen it yet, but I have no doubt that after 4 other On Ice shows, this one will be a winner!


Hmm… I might check it out. Are you allowed to take pictures during the show? Or is that more of a venue decision?


Nemo on Ice? Sounds like a sushi bar!:laugh:


I really can’t remember. No videotaping for sure. Cameras, I never brought one before, so…


No video but we had cameras and was not asked to put them away


ROFL!!! That is hilarious! :laugh:


We went to see Nemo on Ice at the end of March in San Antonio. 6 adults and 4 kids…it was really good. We took our cameras and took lots of pictures, can 't videotape though. It was really cute and the whole group enjoyed it. We have loved all of the Disney on Ice shows we’ve been to though!! :heart: Watch for group discounts through your employer or with your Disney Visa card, we got seats for $7.50 each through my employer, that covered all tax and handling charges too…we couldn’t pass up a deal like that! Hope you get a good deal too!!


We saw Nemo on Ice right after Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. A Disney on Ice presentation always comes to the arena near us where we have seen several productions. I thought that Nemo was the best show yet because of the choreography and use of color. It’s destined to become a Disney Classic.