Nemo show vs. Tarzan Rocks?


We’re wondering how folks like the new show at AK. We loved Tarzan Rocks. The music from that movie is some of our fave Disney music. We were sorry to see it has closed. (All we can do now is watch Tarzan Rocks (or at least part of it) on YouTube…

From what we’ve seen on Travel Channel shows, the new Finding Nemo show looks a little lame in comparison.


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Oh dear…there’s already a whole thread on this very topic.


Tarzan Rocks was much better than Nemo, that’s for sure.

I think Nemo is cheesy. The special effects are lacking. The puppetry is confusing. The people take away from the characters.

My mom thinks that Nemo must be cheaper to run. But, in my opinion, those puppets look pretty expensive…

I think Disney made a mistake. Tarzan Rocks was the best. If they needed to add a Nemo show at AK, they should’ve knocked out Flights of Wonder, not Tarzan. Tarzan is hot. That tacky tourist at Flights of Wonder is not. :laugh:


Well…I must say that I was glad to see Tarzan Rocks go. I didn’t like it at all…Curious to know what others think about the Nemo show.


Sorry - I was out of the LOOP for a while - I think this must be the first time a subject has been addressed more than one time on MouseBuzz…



Actually, that thread was about new attractions in general, but it kinda twisted into a Tarzan vs. Nemo topic (I suppose you could blame me for that).


Ok…it’s your fault.:cool:


Alright, what do you have to say for yourself, hmmm? :laugh:


OMIGOSH! There is NO comparison. Tarzan Rocks was the only Disney show we ever walked out of - twice. (we tried it a second time to give it a fair chance- couldn’t handle the noise).:pinch: Rollerskating stunts only worked in Starlight Express.

Nemo is pure theatre genius! Amazing, entertaining,with an almost Cirque de Soleil feel. The actors are talented, the music great, the puppets creative! I’ve seen it three times and can’t wait to see it again!!


you cannot compare the two- the quality of Nemo far surpasses Tarzan in my opinion


I guess it’s just preference.

I prefer live actors. Some prefer puppets.

I just got so much more into the music of Tarzan Rocks. It was good music, not that kind you play on a casette in the car for your four-year-old (okay, I suppose it’s a CD, now, but back in my toddler days, it was the Barney, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Disney’s Greatest cassets that played over and over again). It was also very audience-interactive, not so much with the dark Nemo theater.

When watching Nemo, I just felt like I was watching some preschool show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (ohhh, Mickey is so cute!), Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues. They want you to answer questions. It’s like they’re trying to make you smarter, but really, they’re dumbing you down, because no one yells at a TV screen (unless the satelite’s not working or someone’s caught up in a football game), expecting it to respond.


Hmmm…so far a split decision. I have to admit I’ll watch Nemo with a wary eye because we loved Tarzan Rocks!


Um…aren’t there live actors with said puppets?


Yeah, but you can’t see them from the nosebleed section by the AC. :laugh:

I was meaning main aspect of the show. Because Turk was in Tarzan Rocks, and technically, Turk is a character, but it’s not a character show.


The actress that plays Nemo, at AK, was Glinda the good Witch on Broadway!!!


Wow…guess she has some experience huh?:cool:


Please see it with an open mind - this is a show that was created by people who REALLY know theatre. I assure you that adults will enjoy and appreciate it as much as children. Possibly because adults can appreciate the genuis it takes to create such illusions.


Yup, I heard her speak on one of the Travel Channel shows when they introduced the new Nemo Show and thought that voice sounded awfully familiar. And just as I was finished saying that to myself, they pointed it out ON MY TV :ohmy:
Needless to say, I padded myself on the back :laugh:


I thought the best singer was the guy that “played” Bruce. Other than that, I wasn’t too impressed with vocals. Of course, I was visiting during peak season, so I might’ve gotten an alternate cast.


Adults you say? Well…I guess that lets me out:pinch: :laugh: