Nemo submarine voyage?


When I was in Disneyland last June the wall around the construction zone for Nemo’s subs only said “2007.” Is there a more specific time window now for opening? If we go this June I would REALLY REALLY love to see them. Espesically after seeing the amazing construction progress from the Tomorroland Monorail Station.


They will be flooding the lagoon this October.

Last I heard, the ride will open Summer 2007


I’ve heard late spring/early summer as well. So hopefully you’ll get lucky and be able to see the new ride when you go in June! I hope for your sake they are done! :smile:

Sadly, unless they get done really early, I’ll miss out when I go in February. :glare:


OoooOooOo, I can only hope!! Last week in June sounds fair enough to me! hehe. You hear that Mickey Mouse? LAST WEEK IN JUNE on those submarines.


I hope this ride is open in May, because I really REALLY want to go on it. :mickey: