Nemo the Musical-opening dates!


Found this on WDW magic:

4 May 2006: Finding Nemo - The Musical opening dates

According to a casting session being held in New York for actors to take part in the new show, rehearsals are set for 18 September 2006, first previews on 5 November 2006, with the show opening on 12 November 2006. Remember, this has not yet been officially confirmed, and as always, thing are subject to change.

~good news for those of us going down during Christmas time!


I look forward to reading reviews on this. I hope they do an excellent job with this one. It has so much potential to be a great show.


thanks for the info.:mickey:


That’s great news, thanks we should be able to catch the show on our trip in early December!


“Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!”


Thanks Princess Pooh!!

We were hoping it would be ready when we are there in Dec. My kids will be thrilled!!!


Too bad we won’t be heading down for our “usual” December trip this year… :sad: