Nephew's Birthday AK & MGM - Day Trip


Cast of Characters:
Myself, DW, DD8, DD6, DS6, My Sister, My Nephew, Sister’s Friend.

We had decided a few weeks ago that for my Nephews 19th birthday we would all go to WDW for the day. After finalizing who would go we decided, and to Mimi’s delight, that we would leave our 16 month old Susannah with her Grandmother.
We wanted to get to the park at opening so we woke up around 6:30. Had a quick breakfast and were off. We made a quick stop at Mimi’s (Grandmother) to drop off Susannah. Said our goodbye’s and were off again. In the past I have complained about driving I-4 to Orlando but this morning the traffic was pretty light so we made it to the gates of AK by 9:00 am. We got in a relatively short line then we were through the gates in no time. We were meeting up with my Sister and nephew so we waited by the Black Swans and put on some sunscreen. We had a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky with the temperature in the high 70’s. We were waiting so I called my sister to see where they were and they said that they just got into the parking lot. They had to get their passes so they went to Guest relations and got there day ticket with the park hopper option. My Nephew also got 2 birthday badges. I still am not sure why he had two different badges, but he did. We all met up and found out that one of my Sister’s friends was with them. Before we started out we decided to eat at the Rainforest Cafe so I went and made a PS for 12:15.
Our plan was to spend the morning at AK them go to MGM for the rest of the day.
We were off and headed to Africa to ride the Kilimanjaro Safaris. The standby wait was 15 minutes so we got in line. The lines all day were pretty good. We had a female driver who had the most provocative voice that I have ever heard at a theme park. Kind of a Jessica Rabbit type voice. You would have thought she moonlighted on a 900 line. If you know what I mean. She had a way of describing the animals and scenery that was almost too funny to enjoy. My kids couldn’t understand while the adults were laughing so much. We got off the ride and I joked about needing a smoke. Just kidding…
Then we were off to Asia for the Kali River Rapids. It was just me, my nephew and the kids. The Standby line wait time said 10 minutes so we got in line. This was my kids and my first time on this ride. We have a similar ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa that we love but we usually don’t want to get too wet if we are just doing a day trip at Disney. I think the wait was only 5 minutes then we were in our boat, raft, whatever ever you call it and were off. My twins sat together and were the only ones out of the 5 of us to get really wet. My shirt was a little wet and DD8 and my nephew were spared. I was a little surprised because I heard that you get drenched. Didn’t happen. Anyway, then it was time to go to Dinoland USA. We walked right by the new Expedition Everest. It looks like it is going to be great. We walked into Dinoland and the kids saw some dinosaur characters and got there picture taken. We then decided to ride Primeval Whirl. We were all going to go on but DD6 was a about 1 1/2 inches too short so she, DS6 and DW decided to go on TriceraTop Spin and the rest of us went on Primeval Whirl. I love this ride. I hadn’t been on it in a couple of years but it was still great. We all got off the rides about the same time then we headed over to Dinosaur. I waited with the kids and the others went on the ride. We waited over in front of the Dino Sue and talked to the CM. My oldest is never at a loss for questions and when the CM asked it she had any questions she let loose. Anyway the other adults go off the ride and we checked our watches and it was time to head to the Rainforest Cafe for Lunch. We checked in just after noon and were seated within 10 minutes. Now the Rainforest Cafe is not my favorite but the kids love the decor my nephew had never been. The food was pretty good and we did get to embarrass my Nephew when they brought out a kids Sundae with a candle on it. It was now around 1:15 so were decided to head on over to MGM. My nephew, then came up with the is great idea that we should take a bus to MGM and come back later for our cars. We all agreed with DW being a little skeptical about getting back to AK later that night. Turns out she was right. Stay Tuned.
For some reason the line for the bus to MGM was pretty long. And we were not sure we would even get on the first bus. We waited for 15 minutes or so then the bus arrived. We got on but had to stand. No problem. We made it to MGM then put on some more sunscreen and made a pit stop. My nephew went to guest relations to get another birthday badge but they said they were the same as the ones he already had. Did I mention that during the day at least 25 CM said Happy Birthday to him.
Anyway were then off towards ToT and RnRC. On the way we stopped at the Villains store, so I ran down to ToT for Fast Passes. The return time was in 45 minutes so we decided to go on the Great Movie ride while waiting. The wait time said 10 minutes but I know we waited for at least 25 minutes. Not too bad. The kids loved the movie reel that was playing so it helped pass the time. We were finally on and then we off. This was only our second time on this ride and both times we got the gangster. I thought I read somewhere that you could get other characters but I am not sure. We were in the 3rd row and the gangster looked right at me and said “What are you lookin’ at?” This was one of my kids favorite moments of the afternoon. DD8 kept on saying “Hey Dad. What are you lookin’ at?” We got off the ride then, my nephew said he would take the kids to see the “Voyage of the little Mermaid” while the rest of us went on ToT.
The 4 of us, myself, DW, my sister and her friend walked to ToT. My sister had been on it but the rest of us had not. I was really looking forward to it because I heard so much but DW was a little scared. We walked right in with our Fast Passes and we soon in the waiting room. I thought I felt the room moving but everyone else said it did not. We got in line and waited for about 15 minutes then got in our elevator. We were in in the front row. We were off and rolling. We go to the final spot and started up. The doors opened, we got a (quick) great view of the park then we dropped and rose and dropped and rose and dropped and rose and dropped. I am pretty sure we dropped 4 times. I don’t remember because DW was screaming her head off asking “is it over yet?” I was laughing too hard. I almost choked from laughing so hard. The ride was over and I have to say it was now my new favorite ride at WDW. We walked out and tried to call my nephew but got his vmail so we decided to go ahead and get in line for RnRC. The waiting time said 20 minutes but it turned out to be around 35 minutes. While in line my nephew called and said he would take the kids to see Beauty and the Beast. We got on the ride and were off. I was a little surprised by this ride. I didn’t think that the Disney Roller coasters went upside down. It was pretty cool but I think it was too short. Anyway we got off and met up with the rest. It was now time to go to Star Tours. My son loves this ride and said that was all he wanted to do. We get to the ride and notice that the At-At Walker that is at the entrance was stripped down to the frame. I guess they are preparing to change it for Star Wars Weekends. DS6 and myself were the only ones to go on. We walked right on and sat in the front row. It was great. When we got off, we looked through Tatooine Traders for new merchandise.
We met up with the gang and decided to go on the Backlot Tour. This was a first for my family. I didn’t even know where it was located. While walking we walked right past the new Extreme Stunt Show. We got in line and the CM noticed my Nephew’s badges so he had everyone sing to him. We went into the pre-show and watched the volunteers get blown up. Then we go on the Shuttle and were off. We stopped in the canyon and the rain, fire and water came. We got a little wet. I joked with DD8 that she got wetter on this ride than she did on Kali River Rapids. She responded with, “Hey Dad, What are you lookin’ at?” Kids.
My nephew said that the tour was shorter but I didn’t know. Actually, I was expecting a little more from the tour but it was okay. We walked through the displays at the end, stopping to get a picture of the kids in the Star Wars display. We walked out then DW and my nephew said that they wanted to go by “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” ( I DO ). We walked up but the time was 6:15 and the CM said that the last show had just started. Oh well, my millions will wait until next time. We walked to the front of the park and decided that we all didn’t want to wait until 8:30 to see Fantasmic. We will definitely do this on out vacation in August.
My nephew then said that we should take the boat over to the Boardwalk. (Remember our cars at AK??) We waited for 15 minutes then the boat arrived. We had a nice trip, first stopping at the Swan and Dolphin resorts, then the Yacht and Beach Club, then finally the boardwalk. My nephew wanted to go to the ESPN Club. Who am I to argue with the birthday boy, so we went. I am not sure that we will go back though. We got to the door and I tried to give our name to the list. The CM said that they don’t take names just the number in your party. I said we are 8. We waited for about 10 minutes and she said she could seat us but on two tables that were not next to each other. We asked how long it would be to get tables side by side and they said that they cannot give estimates. We might be waiting for an hour. After a little discussion we decided to take the tables. DW, myself and the kids sat at one table and the other sat about 10 feet away. The food was pretty good but the service was not great. You know you have a great day and one of the last memories you have is a bad experience at the ESPN Club. Oh well.
We all were finished and my nephew said we could go to the front of the Boardwalk resort and catch a bus to the AK. (Yeah Right). We got to the bus stop and the first bus was to the Magic Kingdom. My Nephew talked to the driver who told us to get on the bus and we could get a bus at the MK to AK. We got on and after a little drive we were in front of the MK. Where another CM said we had to go to the Transportation and Ticket Center to catch a bus to the AK. We took the ferry and made it to T&TC. We then went and got a bus to the AK. We got on and finally we were on out way to our cars. As we approached we were surprised to see the number of cars still in the parking lot. We were in our van and within 1 hour we were home. Another great trip.


ToT is great! I agree with you 100%
Great trip report. Thanks for posting it.


“Hey dad, what are you lookin at??” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Great TR!! Very entertaining. :slight_smile: Happy belated birthday to your nephew!

by the way… I love your avatar. It cracks me up everytime I see it.


Wow great tr!
i agree with pj…great avatar :slight_smile:


What are you looking at??

HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA…Oh that’s great! Love the TR!!! These little day trip TR’s are just the shot in the arm one needs to satisfy ones habits…


Great Trip Report. I wish we lived close enough to be able to take day trips to Disney. Maybe someday. Until then, I will live vicariously through others’ trip reports!


I enjoyed reading your trip report! Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time. You sure didn’t waste any time. Also, your nephew sounds like a nice guy to take the kids to those shows.


Love to hear about day trips. Thanks for the report. It sounded like a great day. :flowers:


Great report!! Thanks for sharing :c)