Nervous to try new restaurants


Last June my family went to WDW for the first time. I chose all our dining places based on info from here and from some disney books. We were very pleased with all our choices. We ate at LeCellier (excellent-will go again), Liberty tree tavern, Crystal palace, and AK Restaurantosaurus. We are planning a trip next Jan. and I really don’t want to eat at all the same places but I’m afraid to choose a place and not be happy with it. I’m also thinking since we’ve done three character meals last year we shouldn’t next year.
But I hear Norways Princess buffet is good and Cinderella’s castle must be really neat. It will be me, my DH, DS 15, and DD 9. So many choices I don’t know what to do!! :huh:

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You tried some great stuff last time!

There are SO many great choices at WDW! I don’t think you’ll go wrong trying just a few more new places.

YOu should keep 2 of your favorites that you already tried, and then add to the rest…



I would hit Artist Point at Wilderness lodge, the food is awesome. Whispering canyon cafe is a fun too.


I know what you are saying, but there are tons more places just as good/better than where you went last time.
Don’t be afraid to venture out. I’m sure you’ll find it well worth it.

LeCellier is one of thos eplace many people keeping going back to. We are going back there for the 3rd time this year.

Erin made a great point to pick 2 favorites and try some other new places. Great idea!


My suggesstion would be to make a list of “possible” restaurants you’d be interested in trying then look at the “reviews” section of Disney Central, which can be found off the front page. There you will find all the WDW restaurants and honest reviews from vacations. Have fun!


I agree with everyone else, get out there and try some new places. And if DC didn’t steer you wrong last time, trust us again this time! There are some great reviews and advice to be found here.

Good luck and Buon Appetito!


I was going to write my thing here and then thought, what more can I add to Buzz’s post? I could add Erin’s.
Don’t be afraid to try new restaurants it’s hard to miss at WDW. 'nough said


And really, this isn’t something to stress about- just have fun! You know yourself- if you’re adventurous, try new things. If you’re a creature of habit, just do what you’re comfortable with.


Most of our restaurant choices are family favorites but each trip I try to add one new restaurant to our plan. Believe it or not, that restaurant usually ends up becoming another family favorite.


We keep trying new places each trip and we have not been dissapointed yet. I would keep with the advice of everyone here. Go back to something you know you like and then step out and try something new. I am sure you will find a couple more new favorites! :mickey:


You might want to try O’hana. I am dying to try it!


The Princess gig is a tough call. Your DD is the magic age for it, but DS is a bit past it. That being said, everyone should eat in the Castle at least once in their life.

See what the family is into. We will be doing the Lilo and Stitch - Ohana breakfast for the firs time this year. And it is based on reviews from our friends and those silly Yankee fans here at DC.


Part of the reason we keep going back to Disney is that there are so many different things/places, that our vacation is never the same thing twice! So go be adventurous and try different things. It’s all Disney. You really won’t find anything that’s truly bad.


Silly Yankee fans is right,Boss!!!


Thanks for all the info. I’ll definitely keep my options open. I’m thinking O’hana’s, Boma’s and maybe Hoop dee doo sound good. We’ve been staying with restaurants in the parks because it just seems easier. I read that if you go to another resort that you have to take a bus to downtown then transfer. It seems like a pain. My kids can get impatient quickly waiting for buses, although we won’t be there this time in a 90 degrees, humid, crowded season, so that will help. Does anyone know if the buses at POP go to the other resorts?

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With the exception of Boma, the other restaurants you listed can be reached easily from the parks. Ohanas is in the Poly which you would go to by monorail, and Hoop Dee Doo you would take the boat to and from FW from MK.

And there are so many Epcot area resorts you can access from the boat launches from MGM or Epcot, including the entire Boardwalk!


The buses at POP don’t go to other resorts. It’s not too hard though. If you are at MK you just hop the monorail to O’hanas. From any park there would be a bus to AKL for Boma. We loved Boma and you will have fun looking around at the resorts. After you are done just pick the first park bus that comes and spend some time at that park before grabbing your bus back to Pop.


If you’re worried about what you’ll get into with some of the new restaurants, try going to Deb’s . They have all the menus for all the places around WDW. You can see exactly what you’re getting into, and you can get the prices too. Check them out…


You’re already gotten some great suggestions so venture out and try some new things… you’re on vacation!


With buses just take whatever resort bus you need from the park you’re at. I mean if you have PS at Ohana’s take the Monorail from MK or epcot; or a bus from anywhere else (except the resorts) to the polynesian.
My DW and I try to try new things but some you go with what you know. There are so many places and please do not be turned off if one misses the mark. I’ve been to Boma and Chef Mickeys too late in the evening, so the food was terrible. Still I am going to try them again at a later time. Its just like your fave restaurants at home, sometimes good sometimes bad. Just look over the menus and choose which restaurants look good. I do however have a couple tips:

  1. lunch outside of the parks is a lot better than I thought. I used to only eat in the parks, but a quick monorail ride to say the poly and you can have a nice lunch at Kona Cafe. Better yet take a nice boat ride from MK to WL and you can have a fun lunch at WCc! So you get better meals and don’t have to settle for fast food.
  2. Peoples tastes change soo quick. My DW was a finicky eater who never strayed away from mainstream food. However being with me she’s changed her mind and now LOVES greek food. SO I finally get to try restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot, which I had been trying to get her to let me go to for 3 years now!!!