Never been-how do these 2 months compare


Our WDW trip for next April may have to be postponed, but it is because we are looking at building a house at that time and the trip money will have to be re-directed to the building. We were told that instead of doing 2 closings like we did last time we built, we would have to put a deposit down on our land and then the builder will ask for money at different times through the process and then we will have the rest due at closing. ANYWAY, we are looking at instead going at the end of October because our kids will have a fall break-it falls about a week before Halloween. we have NEVER considered going at this time, so what is it like at that time? Will it still be warm enough to swim? Wear shorts? Is it rainy or good weather and temps? Crowds? Thanks for your help! As always I appreciate it!!!:heart:


The reason being that you have to do financing different is that banks are being cruel to builders. They won’t give them financing, even though many of them are financially sound. So, construction financing has changed, whereas the end buyer now gets the construction loan, rather than the builder.


We LOVED going in October! It was a great time to go, I really enjoyed MNSSHP & the Halloween decor. The weather was DEFINATELY still warm, absolutely in the low 80’s while we were there; I was in the OKW pool nearly everyday. It was only moderately crowded when we went (Oct 8th-15th), the crowds were never bad enough for us to notice but the parks weren’t emptyeither. We did get two really bad storms that week & it ruined one of the MNSSHP’s we went to. Not sure if that’s typical Oct. weather or not, it’s still a pretty active part of the hurricane season.


Interesting- I didn’t realize that! The builder we are looking at has been building homes in this community for almost 40 years- they’re pretty sound!


Ahhh yes, I remember your storms! We would be going one week later- my DH is liking the idea of lower crowds-I think it is a go for us!! Thanks for the info- I think I’ll go read your TR again!:blush:


We’ve been in October and I thought the weather was great! It was very humid one day out the 8 we stayed! It was not crowded and you will most definetly have to do MNSSHP! It was awesome!


Have been to WDW many times in October ranging from beginning to the end of the month. Weather is usually very nice and swimming should be no problem. There was very little rain on our October trips as well. Food and Wine Festival and MNSSHP will be going on also!


Thanks everyone! August is the latest we have have ever been, so fall will be totally new for us! My DH is excited about Food and Wine Festival. Although we have to wait another 6 months it’s all for a good reason-sounds great in Oct!!