NEVER Driving Again Trip Report


DH and I started out argueing because his parents came to visit right when we were about to leave. DH wanted to hang out and have a visit while I wanted to GO before rush hour hit NY. We didn’t miss it and DH ended up getting off 95 in NY and landing us at a dead stop behind a truck who couldn’t move because people were in the way. The light turned green 3 times and we still hadn’t moved! I think it was about 30 minutes until we moved again. He always sticks me driving the HARD hours but I have 2 friends who stay up late and work late that talked to me which helped me stay awake.
In Jersey we got stuck for another half hour at the tolls. My lione was the last line with lights on but people kept pulling in 4 more “imaginary” lanes beside me and they all had to cram into my lane. Then they were shift chagning which just made everyone more mad. This guy from our home state hit my mirror pushing in front of me(luckily they make the ones that bend back & forth now!), even though it was my lane and I had the right of way. I was being nice and letting people the lane over go but I had done it enough and wanted to get out of there. He was so pushy and mad that he woke his sleeping child up! I don’t do good in stressful driving situations and asked DH to switch seats with me but he wouldn’t.
So we finally arrive in Daytona at 1:35pm the following day when our original arrival time should have been 9:32 am. We were all ready to get out!
My parents who flew arrived a few hours later and we went to Barnicales for Thanksgiving Dinner. But they were out of Turkey and were substatuting chicken breast, so I was still fine with that. DH got his prime rib so we was delighted.
DS was recently put back on meds for his ADHD and I am SO glad I broke down for the school and put him back on it. I could have killed him without it. My Dad and I knew instantly when that was waring off and he needed more. We really grew to appreciate those teachers during this trip.
The kids loved the beach and finding shells.
We stayed at The Cove on Ormond Beach, which I found out is a participating DVC resort. We loved it. THe were doing construction below and it never realy bothered us.
We took the kids to the Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens to run, play and get out energy after the car ride. Then we visited the lighthouses playground and then found this awesome playground closer to the resort. It is fashioned after a Firestation! The kids loved it! I need to figure out how to post pics because this place was awesome!
After meeting up with my parents for the car parade which DD loved, DS sat and played his DS through and Mom found these great kosky bracelets that DD was completely entertained with for hours. We ended up at dinner to a place diagnal from the resort, Stone (something) Tavern I think. Mom and I were very pleased with our meals. DH said it was good but small and Dad wasn’t that impressed but thought he was getting something other than how it was prepared. The 2nd full day there I send DH with Dad to the Turkey Run. Mom and I spent a lot of time hanging around the Resort and looking for the piercing place so I could fix my closed holes but the girl wasn’t in for another few hours so I figured I could do that anywhere. We went mini golfing with the kids who loved it but DD couldn’t make it through the 2nd 18 holes while DS wanted to do a 3rd round. This night we enjoyed a dinner at Hog Heaven, which I believe everyone really enjoyed…well DD slept on the bench for about 90% of the meal, I was never so glad to see picnic table seating! We were able to enjoy the cars roaming the streets while dining and it was really enjoyable for us all.
We decided to buy breakfast food instead of fighting a very packed IHOP again before heading out to Disney.
To be continued…probably Friday and hopefully I’ll figure out these pictures!


Lets see if these work.
1st 2 at the Sugar Mill B. Gardens
Then 1 at the lighthouse playground (ignore my head in this one-LOL)
Last 2 at the Firestation playground


DD followed the guy checking the pool, I think may have been the owner, around until he was done. All that he was doing seemed VERY interesting to her.
This is also where she decided she loved the big “bathtubs” that are near pools. She would sit on the side of the bot tub with her feet in there. Or she would beg someone to hold onto her so she could be that much more in the water.


WELCOME BACK! Sorry you will NEVER be driving again. We actually enjoy the drive from New York…well, we LEARNED to enjoy the ride! :Lol: Actually, it’s the price we really enjoy. It only cost us $250 round trip to drive…YAY!

Can’t wait to hear more!


How long does it take to drive from New York or New Jersey? It is 7.5 hours from Atlanta, and that is about all I can handle!


It takes us about 17 hours WITH traffic and a nap!!! DH drives about 11-12 mpg OVER the speed limit. :whistling


sorry you had a bad drive. i don’t enjoy it, but it seems that’s the only way I will get to go to disney at all.

great pix, thanks for sharing them. =)


We here also like driving. Its a shame it didnt work out.


Welcome back, sorry the drive wasn’t as expected.


I hate driving every year we go, the drive is so long for me, I can only imagine what it is for you. We usually stop half way and spin the night in Jacksonville or ST Augstine but when we go in June we are waking up @ 5:00 am and leaving so when can get there by 2 or 3 pm. It takes us about 9-10 hours to get there depending on how many times we have to stop!


We did the drive from RI once, but we took 2 weeks to do the whole trip, stopping for a day or two at different places along the way.


That would be the only way I would do it. I can’t imagine a 17 or 18 hour drive. :eek:


Ya, the drive has been done in about 18.5 hours from RI before but I think the timing was just better that trip. We ussually enjoy the drive but this time just wasn’t it. Plus with 2 kids and one who we are figuring out vomits every trip for the drive makes it worse. We use to stop and would plan it again as a 2 or 3 day driving time-if we actually give in a drive. But the non-stoppers are completely out of the question.

So back to the trip, Sunday we drove to Disney! DD slept for that so it was perfect because her nap was done before arriving! The room was AWESOME! I will always choose a savannah room because it just made everything that much better. We had an Eland who ALWAYS hung out outside our window, Zebra’s, Ostrich, Giraffe and even a rabbit were our company at different times. At night we had an Eastern African Crane to sing us to sleep. I actually really enjoyed hearing the animals at night. Disney just did a great job with Animal Kingdom Lodge as far as we are concerened. As the cake topper, that’s our home resort!
So our MVMCP tickets were the same night we arrived, so we settled in and checked things out before heading to 1900 PF for an early dinner. DD has always been our “princess” and she knows it as well as everyone around us. She has known that she is most like Cinderella over any other princess because of her hair and nature. So this was a real treat for her to finally meet Cinderella. She was in complete awe over her that she just kept a straight face and didn’t know what to do with herself. Cinderella got down on the floor to be more at her hieght and she just imitaded her every move with the same look on her face. The entire dinner she knew exactly where Cinderella was and was so taken by her.
I have to say though. Our 1st trip with her she ate like a pig so I got the kids meal plan even though she didn’t turn 3 until yesturday, and the girl DIDN’T eat practicly a thing!
So once at the park we experienced rain just about the entire time but we didn’t let that ruin a thing for us. DD still loves her Dumbo! For her b-day my parents enlarged the picture of her in it and it was one of her favorite gifts…besides her first Cinderella dress.
While the “adults” went on HM I took her on the Carousel and Dumbo. They ended up getting stuck for a few minutes on the ride. We also enjoyed the Tea Cups, Pooh, TTA and SpashM amoung others. DS decided that he has more than 1 favorite ride at MK. BTMRR was finally open, the last few trips it was closed and he made us ride it over and over. DH took DD back to AKL when she fell asleep and we headed to Frountier Land to catch those rides again. DS pouted the entire parade because he thought we would never got to the rides and it was a shortened version due to the rain! The funny thing was no matter how tired we were when we were leaving as we passed PotC I couldn’t resist it one more time. The bus ride back brought a beautiful sight! At the enterance of AKL they had lights on the giraffes and around the sign. People say that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas with warm weather…it wasn’t all that warm but to me with the decorations, it felt better than any Christmas I’ve had!
I have to post these pics now! I love these with DD and Cinderella!


I just can’t get over how she reacted to Cinderella. I get such a kick out of them every time I see them!


Our 2nd day we went to DHS and ironically we took only video there.
DD loved all the things there for her, except the line for TSMania. Those times you start to hate fast pass. We were taking it slow and not rushing around like my MO is, so by the time we got there the fast pass was already out for the entire day! It was like 11am!
Honestly it was a cute ride but I would never do it again if I had to wait that long. While we were in the line & ride DH waited outside and had a toy soldier that was signing autographs come over and lay on his lap like he was going to take a nap. Now who wouldn’t want a picture of that! To top it off he was wearing a green coat that probably matched him. I wish we were there with our camera but if we were he wouldn’t have been sitting around for so long.
While we did the RRC, Mom took DD to Beauty and the Beast and got front row seat and DD was amazed. She loved it and still talks about it.
Everyone loved the Stunt Show except DD who said it was too loud. DS now thinks he needs to be a stunt driver, I told him I want to be one too when I grow up!
DD was napping while DD, DH and parents went on Star Tours. I have to say the set up of the store needs a bit of work. All lines for the registers were in the way of people leaving the ride. I saw an electronic battle ship which DS & DH have wanted for so long and because it was a Star Wars version made it even better! I was so stressed out in this line hoping I would make it to the register and have her bag it before they got off the ride! Well, timing wasn’t better. As soon as she put it in a bag I saw them round the corner and I was signed and walking away with them without anyone knowing I bought a thing. That Disnye for the Resort deliveries!
DH took both kids back with him while we waited for Fantasmic. I’m so glad we saw it finally and loved it, I just hope next time it wont be so cold! It was in the 30’s & 40’s every night we were there but home it snowed, hailed and rained all in one day while away. Still get a kick out of missing that day:laugh:!


I’m gonna try to get the rest done in one shot because I can’t have this dragging on and taking forever.:wink:
The second day there we went for a stroll in DTD but it was so packed I sweat in every store we went into so we did what we came for and got out of there. DS got his lego’s sets and I picked up our ornaments I get for every trip. DH snuck a Christmas gift for DS and had it sent back to the Resort and we found a bus stop which my parents were already at and had to hide thier gift for DS. So I have to point out there are more than a few reasons for us trying to fit this in for the end of trip from now on. The main DS believe it or not would have rather stayed in the room putting together his Spider Walker than going to parks and other Disney related things!
While DH took the kids back to room after DHS he didn’t knowtice DD getting into the chocolate milk that he had in his backpack all day. :confused: So she spent the night throughing up and the next morning seemed fine. So we headed to AK and really enjoyed the Tusker House. DD didn’t eat which was fine with me, I wouldn’t have wanted to either. But she drank about 3 glasses of the juice. The Safaris was so bumpy that it just brought it back up. Luckily and I say that lightly, it came up after we were off and waiting for the train. She fell asleep after we cleaned her up and she slept almost half the day. We just hung out and watched the talking recycling bin while DS went with parents pouting that he wasn’t on EE, which he was petrafied on last year! So we headed that way and DH & DS crazy as they are hit Kali and didn’t get more than splashed. If I had gone…SOAKED, so I stayed behind with parents. EE was great and DS loved it this time…so he says.
This was a really great trip for me because Dad and I didn’t have the best relationship while growing up. Sense I have “matured” things have grown to a much better place with us and I really enjoyed having my Dad there to ride the rides with! Something that would have never happened in my teenage years! When DD woke we made the 3:00 Nemo show and she loved it but I was so worried she owuld get sick again, I brought her back shortly after. We all met up at Boma that night and as always LOVED it!
The next morning we had our first breakfast at Boma and it was so great we did it again the following day!
DH went off to Bass Pro shops while we went to MK. Luckily he was still in room while we were on the bus and I realized I forgot the camera on the back of my chair! He ran down and luckiy found it still there! But he let me sweat it out for hours until he arrived at MK. DS had somehow “left” his DS in the backpack, like he would be board at MK or something…so the security guy enjoyed teasing him for a little over that. DS has no decided never to carry the backpack again, like that was the problem!:laugh:
We split up again so I could take DD to her favorite rides and DS could hit his with my parents. Disney Magic allowed us to return for our fast passes and meet up with DH all in one swoop! In tomorrowland I was so happy to find DD could do the speedway. She loved driving until after the first turn. She did really good until then but got discouraged when she just went one way then hit and started going the other. So after bouncing back and forth on the track she asked me to take over. She was so small she couldn’t really see where she was going though.
That night as we got off Buzz we were able to catch the fireworks. We didn’t stay until EMH were over but still enjoyed a great day at MK.
The last day of parks we hit Epcot and DD was excited, she really enjoys rides. There just aren’t that many for her there though and she kept asking for me to take her on Dumbo, the horsies or Pooh. Talk about heart braking for a 2yo who just doesn’t understand. We never made it to the CandleLight Procession. The lines were crazy everytime we were near and knew the kids wouldn’t handle the wait. DS already had one melt down because he found the Chinese YoYo’s that he has wanted sense summer camp. The problem…he had $ of his own to get it but Mom had to be the bad guy and say no. My Mom had already gotten it for him from Le Nouba for a Christmas present. So he poutted until DH started joking with him and doing whatever it took to make him smile. He wasn’t even happy in his pictures of trying to hold up Epcot and wouldn’t listen to instructions on where to move his hands. Life can be difficult for these kids in Disney:wub: but what can you do.
DD was in love with all the fountains and one of my favorite pictures are of her and my Dad at the one in France. It holds a special place in my heart, I think because everyone loves my Mom but it takes my DD to have a great relationship with my Dad who I am only recently enjoying the same!
We just waited at the bridge for the fireworks even though it was a good hour away. We were just tired by then but didn’t want to miss them. It was cold so I had a great run back to America for Hot Cocoa. Lickily DS & DH needed a bathroom brake because I could have never carried 6 back myself! DS complained about how hot it was so I ended up losing my finger tips to 3 very hot cocoa’s! I can only think of someone on here have seen me and laughing at the crazy lady practicly running from one trash can to the next but 3 hot cocoa’s, what else could I do.:blink:
The fireworks were awesome! The lasted about 45 minutes because they added on to it this whole peace on earth good will to men section. Oh it was just great. We all loved it!
We kind of cheated though, we Valet parked at BC to avoid the crammed buses, which was a great idea! We were able to check out more Christmas decorations and I loved the walk back. What a great way to end the night. A peaceful stroll ust taking in the Disney attmosphere. I really recommend it.
For some crazy reason Mom, Dad and I went for a walk once back at the Resort. Luckily we brought the camera’s! We met this great Savanah guide Peace. She was such a wonderful addition to our day. There was this Blesbok I believe right up against the rocks of the lookout area. He crossed the boundary lines and decided the grass was greener on the other side! He was so funny just grazing against the rocks.
The last day there we went to Old Town with my Aunt & Uncle who live in Tampa. DS & DH were in love with the magic shop and spent a lot of time there. We headed back for a late dinner at ASMovie. DD fell in love with the kidie pool area. She would shake her bum in the sprinklers and run from them to the pool and thought it was the greatest. I’m really glad I decided to put pull-ups on her for the trip! She ended up playing in those because we had no suit. Then Mom took us to “Andy’s Room.” I thought the kids eyes might pop out of thier heads! They thought this was great. These huge toys all over! We had missed a rain fall aparently because everything had a fresh coat on it. But they didn’t let that stop them!
The next morning my parents were gone before we got up and I’d never missed them so much! Amazing what a family vacation can do.


I forgot about the pool! When it was warm enough for us northerners we did enjoy it. Yes we were also crazy enough to hit the hot tubs at night when you have to run back into the building because outside was so cold!
DD2 actually did the waterslide by herself! It was so nice to see she’s adventurous. Poor DS 11 crept down in and only because the life guard and all these little kids and I mean little were egging him on and he knew it was his only way down because Mom wasn’t letting him down those stairs. If I didn’t do it, he would never try anything!
He did try to help DD swim and it made such great pics!
The drive hom stunk again! I end up doing the long hard hours of the night. At 2am we hit Washington I believe and that stupid GPS took me through a downtown area. There was a large man in a big coat standing in the barrier between the roads right when I get the stupid red light. Everyone is alseep and he’s approaching the car with something…I live a very secluded life. I have only seen 2 homeless people and both on this trip. I cry just about every time I see them and feel awful at the things I have even though we struggle to make ends meet at times.
So, yes, I was very scared! I finally glance as he’s approaching my car and am so glad it’s just a window washer instead of a gun or something…I have no idea-never been in a situation like this! I just keep saying no thank you. I have to repeat myself so many times it wakes up DS who sees what’s going on and becomes scared and wants to know why he’s not going away. Finally DH, whose a BIG guy, sits up and the man backs away and finally that stinking light turns green!
Again in NY we get stuck in such bad traffic I could have cried. I was shaking, honestly, I live a very secluded life. I don’t know how to act or drive in these situations but DH whose worked in the cities does. I begged him to switch seats but I think he wanted to toughen me up. All it did was cause my nerves so much damage I was shaking through the ordeal. Then when I was back at home and my body relaxed, I spent the night sick in the bathroom!
Secluded life!!!:redface: