Never say never!


So after our last summer time trip we said “NEVER again in the summer”. I am now eating those words as it looks like June 2012 maybe our next trip! With that in mind we are once again more than likely going to rent points as it comes out to equal or less than a moderate. So I need some help we are down to 3 resorts: AKV, VWL, and BC. AKV and VWL are my DD’s choices and BC is mine. Which has the best studios and park transportation in your opinions? We plan on booking probably around November of this year so will it be hard to get those resorts? Any help would be great!


I’d choose BCV. It’s going to be HOT and the Beach Club has Stormalong Bay - which is like having a mini-waterpark! You won’t have to worry about transportation to Epcot - it’s just a 3 minute walk. HS is also within walking distance - or you can take the boat. The bus transportation is like at every other resort - you hear good stuff and bad stuff - just luck of the draw I think.

The studios are on par with SSR, BWV, AKL and WLV. Bright and pretty - a very “beachy” feeling. (Which is nice in June.:happy:)


I too would choose BC for the simple fact that it is very close to EPCOT and DHS. You have boat, bus and foot transportation. AK is bus only and VWL has boat and bus.

FYI, try to rent from someone who actually owns points at the resort you want to stay at. You will have a better chance of getting that resort than being on a wait list with someone who owns into another DVC resort. We rented from a rentor who owns SSR points and were on a wait list for BCV. No luck as of yet getting into BCV.


I would stay at BC just for Stormalong Bay! We ate at Beaches and Cream for the first time last week, and my kids were in awe of that pool area. llama is right–it would be like having a mini waterpark at your resort. :happy:


BC shares with a ton of other resorts, so I can’t see their transportation being that good. That being said, I have never stayed there. AKL has always been good for us, but I haven’t stayed there since they added the DVC and don’t know if that changes the once great transportation into not-so-great. I did atttempt to get a bus from there last summer after a dinner at Boma and got so frustrated, I cabbed it. It was a down pour though and everyone was leaving the parks and jamming up the buses. Go with your gut and just pick whichever you really want to stay at. Don’t let transportation guide your choice. It’s hit or miss at any resort in my opinion. I have had bad experiences at POFQ only to go back and have super fast transpo…depends on the crowds, weather and who is driving.:laugh:


We would choose VWL for the peace and quiet when not in the parks. We really feel on vacation with the laid back atmosphere to recharge the batteries, both from work and after hitting the parks.
But with kids I would be hard pressed not to pick BC (pool) or AKL (who can argue against animals just off your balcony). Tough decision.


We have now narrowed it down to VWL and BC. We dropped AKL for this visit due to distance from parks and when I’m hot and feel icky I surely don’t want a long bus ride back. SUCH a hard decision!