Never tried but always wanted to


I am looking for something new, I think.
What are some of the restaurants you’ve never been to but would like to give a try?

Let’s hear eveyone’s “I want to go and eat at that restaurant but have yet to make it there” - list


Ok here’s mine:

1900 Park Fare (have had adrs there in the past, but always wind up cancelling)

Brown Derby

California Grill



Le Cellier

Artist Point

Those are the two that I alllllways say I’m going to try, but I still haven’t!


The Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s!!! It’s a dream of mine to make it there someday…we’ll see it I will ever make it though :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always wanted to eat at Narcoossee’s, Citricos, and California grill. I did have Ohana on the list until June- I finally got to go. It was delicious… but so much food!!! Especially on the dining plan. I rolled out of there- full as a tick…


I have a long list.

California Grill
Victoria and Albert’s (it has my name, after all!)
Whispering Canyon Cafe


Tony’s Town Square and San Angel Inn are two that we always say we are going to try one of these days. We have so many favorites that it is hard to fit in too many new ones. I know that both have gotten bad reviews which is why I haven’t pushed too hard to get there. I think that we will try one of them this trip. We’ll see…


One or the other, but yes, V&A and its chef’s table some year.
Boma (dinner, we’ve done breakfast there maybe 12 times, maybe more)
Bistro de Paris
Il Mulino New York Trattori
Grand Floridian Cafe

Big maybe for lunch at Tusker House.

These are basically all of the sit downs that I haven’t tried that I’d still like to. I have breakfast and dinner reservations for Maya Grill next month and I really don’t care about 'Ohana for breakfast, 1900 for dinner, Akershus for breakfast, or H&V for breakfast so I’ll probably never do these meals.

Maybe we’ll try someday, or maybe not

The Turf Club
The Wave
Boatwright’s (dinner)

Bongo’s (maybe by 2014, but with all the Cuban restaurants and cafeterias here…?)


Bistro de Paris
Tony’s Town Square
The Turf Club
Artist Point

I think that is it!! :laugh: We will get there soon enough. It would just be easier if I didn’t have kids. We love fancy food and long wine filled meals, but the kids don’t do so great at those!!:glare:


Brown Derby
Flying Fish


Bistro de Paris and The Wave.


So many…so many…

How about:
Victoria and Albert’s
Brown Derby


Only two,

The Wave (we’ve got adr’s for next month)
California Grill (couldn’t get ressies) so it’s still on our list.


Oh Goodness! I’m not sure I can even do this list justice!

New Places that have opened since I have been there last:
The Wave
T Rex

Other Places:
Yak and Yeti
Chefs de France
Restaurant Marrakesh
Tutto Italia
Crystal Palace (always wanted to go bc of the location but have always skipped it bc we aren’t Pooh fans. Maybe the baby will be!
Beaches and Cream
Kona (breakfast)
Artist Point


California Grill
Les Chef De France
Brown Derby


I have a few that we haven’t had a chance to try:
V & A
Chefs de France/Bistro de Paris - we’re going to try one of those this time
Akershuus - yes I know, doesn’t get the best reviews, but it is the sort of food I grew up with (that is if it is halfway authentic)

There are a few more, but I cannot remember them at the moment.
Rose & Crown


Heres mine:

V & A Chef’s Table (someday)
Grand Floridian Cafe (trying next trip)
Brown Derby


California Grill
Liberty Tree-adr for upcoming trip
Chefs De France-adr for upcoming trip

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!


Le Cellier
Victoria and Albert’s
Spirit of Aloha dinner show


We’re not big Pooh fans either, but CP is fun for little kids. Your little boy will probably love it whether he is a true Pooh fan or not. :happy:

Love, love, love breakfast at Akershaus!:heart: