Neverland Club


Has anyone tried the Neverland Club at the Poly? I just booked it for my son while we have dinner at 'Ohana. Food isn’t high on his list so he won’t care one bit about missing 'Ohana so we thought he would enjoy a night out. He loved the Sandcastle Club at Beach Club last summer and asked to go back the rest of the week.

Is it as cool as I imagine?


We have used the Neverland Club several times for our children. They love to go to the club and ask to visit it each time we visit WDW. They have a room with video games, an area to do arts and crafts, an area to play dress up and a large projector screen that runs Disney movies. My kids love it and your son will as well!


I went to the Neverland club about 15 years ago. It was awesome I can still remember that night. The food wasn’t the greatest (I remember that too) it could have improved like I said its been a long time.


My DS went once. He liked it so much he begged us to go out again.


Great picture! It’s just like I pictured it.

I am sure Nathan will love it, he really like the Sandcastle Club last year and it’s just a plain room with video games, books, games, and a movie. We were plannig on leaving him about 2 hours but he’s going to want more time than that. We may have to find something to do after dinner so he can stay a little longer.

This trip is all about Nathan. I can’t wait until I can share all of this with him, it’s killing me not to. Just tonight he was talking about how much bad luck he has, I wanted to tell him about all the great things I have planned but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.


My grandchildren stayed at the Neverland Club a couple of years ago ( for 5 hours) and loved it. Hope your son enjoys it also.


As Trailblazer (grandma to my kids :wub: ) said, the kids absolutely loved it. They were scheduled to go last month, but changed their minds when the option of DQ came up…they’re almost 12, so go figure. They loved it in 2004 and have wonderful memories of it. The 5 hours passed SO quickly for both them and us!!! Your son will have a blast!


I am so excited about this. It’s killing me not to tell Nathan about all our fun plans. He is going to love having a night out.


You only have 50 more days to hold it in. It will be so worth it to see his face when he figures out his surprise. I know you can do it. Nathan is going to have such a wonderful birthday!


DT -
There is a 4 hour mimimum on this club. You will have to either leave him there to hang out for 4 hours or pay for four hours. I found this out while I stayed there last January.


Thanks, Dana. I guess I would have know that last summer when we used the Sandcastle Club but the CM I talked to to make the reservation didn’t say a word. I’m sure 4 hours will work for Nathan, he’ll want to stay all night. Mike and I even talked about going to either WL or CR and having a drink after dinner.


My kids had so much fun there that my now 10 year old wants to go back there! We used wishes to pay for it last time and my husband and i went out to dinner for our 10 year anniversary- They love it because its like the sitter service on the boat or what I refer to as “the yellow people!”



Sounds like fun. I had never heard of it before. I’m sure Nathan will love it!


DD(6) loves the Neverland Club. She always wants to spend an evening there when we are at WDW.