Neverland Club


I read that they except kids 4-12. My DD turns 4 while we are in Disney. Would they take her the day before her 4th birthday? Last time we walked past it she said she wanted to go in there and I told her what it was she got excited about the idea of it being just for kids and that Mommys and Daddys weren’t allowed in!!


It’s an AWESOME club!! DD,DS,DNephew & DNiece went a few years ago. We don’t ever leave our kids with sitter’s etc even at home…so we we a little hesitant of leaving kids, but wanted to try an adult night. They allowed my DSis to check out the club when we dropped the kids off, they served them a kids buffet for dinner, played dress ups, watched movies, played video games and had a magical night… They issued us a pager and when we returned I was shocked they charged us for 5 hours!! My DSis had to remind me…we WERE gone 5 hours. It was great for all of us!!! The kids still talk about it years later…now they’re too big to go. Glad we did it while they had the opportunity!


They don’t ask for a birth certificate, so I would think you could just call her 4 yrs old. She may rat you out though!


This is one of my kids’ all-time favorite things to do!!!

The kids go into the lobby and are sprinkled with pixie dust, and then they climb through Wendy’s window into Neverland, a huge room with video games, stuffed animals, games, movies, characters or special guests (a memorable one brought baby animals for the kids to meet), a special kid-sized buffet dinner and plenty of kids and CMs to pay with!

The parents are given a beeper, in case you are needed back at Neverland Club (we have never been needed…), so you’ll be free to roam all over WDW.

When you return at the end of the evening, your little one will be curled up on a pillow under a blanket, watching a Disney animated movie (lots of tots are asleep).

My kids never wanted to leave – They wanted to spend the night there!


This is part of the inside…


This is the lobby…


And this is Wendy’s window, where the kids climb through!


My son loves the Neverland Club. He would go there every night if we let him. I’m sure they aren’t going to know if your child is a day from being 4 unless your child says soemthing.


Thanks everyone!! I think we may try to see if she could go! I think she’d have a blast!! Plus since we are staying right there it wouldn’t be too far out of the way!!


is the Neverland club in the Polynesian or am I all confused? I remember seeing something there, maybe it was just advertising for it? Also, how much is it? I think it is something that our DD (5 on our next trip) would love to go to. thanks for this thread…it looks amazing! I wanna go! :laugh:


Yes, it’s at the Poly. I think it’s $8 an hour. My son has been to the Neverland Club twice and loves it. He is already talking about going back next summer.