Neverland Fairie Movie Release?


Has anyone heard when the release date will be for the Tinker Bell/Neverland Fairies movie? I know it’s (so far) slated for 2007 but does anyone know when in 2007? Also will it be a theater release or direct to home? IMDb has no info for me so I thought I’d ask fellow Disney “experts”! :blush:


I haven’t heard anything yet. I’ll post it if I see anything.:heart:


Thanks! and here’s more text to reach ten characters!




From what I’ve read The Tinkerbell Movie was supposed to be a direct to DVD release, but since the popularity of the Disney Fairies there is talk now that it will be released to theaters, still sometime in 2007. It’s the first movie in a series of four, I’m guessing the other’s will be DVD releases.
It’s going to be strange “hearing” Tinkerbell, she’s voiced by Brittany Murphy.


ok I think it is a mistake to give Tinker Bell a voice… nuff said on that. But I was wondering what happen to this movie.


Well, I talked to several CMs about this on our last trip. I got the impression it would be in theaters?!?! I could be wrong. One CM, who was REALLY into Tinkerbell, said one of the reason they wanted to create this movie was solely to give Tinkerbell a voice so she could start appearing in the parks, character meals, etc more often.


ok this is just wrong … I love tinker bell …but giving her a voice and putting her in the parks to speak … just does not work for me. I think its disappointing. She is not suppose to speak anything but pixie… she is not a human !


Read the books, it will make more sense.


i looked on the net, and i do not see any official date yet. i will keep looking…


what will make more sense? Besides the 2 peter pan movies Tink was also in The Black Cauldron


The fact that she is speaking. It will make sense, at least it did to me. Since she is “conversing” only with other fairies so they understand each other and so so do we from the reader’s perspective.

It’s just my opinion, but since she is a really popular character it would be nice to see her in the park, interacting more. My daughter during our last trip to DLR even commented on how she wished Tinkerbell was walking around the park like the princesses do. I commented on how tiny she would be and my daughter said, “C’mon dad, here at Disneyland she could be anysize she wanted to be. Mickey is a mouse and look how big he is when he is here.” Childhood logic, but that’s Disney magic for you.