NEW 2006 Haunted Mansion Pieces of History Pin


Is there anyone who could pick up this pin as a favor for me while in Disney!? I really want it! This is the pin that is thrusting me into pin trading like it or not. This is by far the coolest idea and these goofy little “pieces of history” are just so awesome!!!

I can’t stomach paying for it on Ebay I am making a cry for help to any fellow DC’er. I will find a way to complete this transaction with you by any means!!!

Can you sense I am desperate?


I will be happy to pick one up for you, but I am not going to disney until September…
email me


I haven’t heard about these. What are they and does anybody have any pics?


when does it come out? and is this in cali or florida. my roommate works at disneyland cali. i can have him grab one if that is where they are at.


MJ got given one yesterday by one of her pin buddies, according to what I have heard it sold out by 5 pm yesterday…


We would love one too!


Hey…got a pic of one?


Here is a link - looks cool


They put out one for Splash Mountain a little while back too! It has a little piece of Brer’ Rabbit’s fur…


Sold out!? NOOOOOOOO! Now I will be forced to pay a bazillion dollars for one.

::THUD:: ::THUD:: ::THUD:: <-- Head bouncing off computer desk in horror

For this I will buy 100 of the June issue and hold them hostage for the one I desire . . . . Wait thats $1100 in pins!? No matter it will be mine my precious … . .


Thanks for the link…too bad the stupid govt has disney.go blocked so I can’t see it… :angry:


:laugh: :laugh: I love that.


You love that I can’t see the pin? You love that I’m frustrated at the stupidity of the govt? You find humor and joy in my trials and tribulations? Thanks for your support… :angry:


Sorry about that…just for you


(Fingers groping fruitlessly at the pic on the screen, making little whimpering dog-like noises…)


Laney’s I can try to buy one for you and trade if you need. Not really sure but I’ll look around at the prices on ebay for a couple of days.


That has got to be the absolute coolest pin I have ever seen. That is amazing. I bet they go for a TON of $$$ on ebay…

Thanks for posting the pic.


They are going for a bundle on Ebay but honestly I am getting prepared to pay. Its a collectible series and popular. I’ll stockpile the June release since I’ll be there and sell on ebay to recoup my money.

Being as this will be my first pin I can only buy it trading at this point isn’t an option.




Wow - that auction has more than doubled in twelve hours! If this keeps up I’ll have to sell a kidney to get this pin… anybody know the going interest rate on a fourth mortgage? I’m with Laneysdad - hoping to snag a few of whichever one is out the next time we’re in the World and hope for the best. With an edition size this big - even a HM pin won’t stay this hot forever… it’ll cool off- like new LS pin releases. Wait a month or two and snag it on ebay for $20 (fingers crossed)!

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo: