New 2013 Disney Parks Promotion


Disney has just announced that they will be holding “Limited Time Magic” events each week throughout 2013. Each of these weeks will have a different theme and offer different special events that happen only during that week.

It’s an interesting idea. What do you think?

Giant Ice Castle in Times Square Kicks Off ?Limited Time Magic? at Disney Parks Disney Parks Blog


I like the idea. Why not? It could be fun to see characters you have never seen, etc.


I want to go to Golden Horseshoe Revue week at Disneyland!


I really like this idea. It gives something a little extra to look forward to each trip and, since it changes weekly, gives the opportunity for a new experience on the same trip if it spans different weeks like our next visit.

I have really been wishing for a Sweetheart party along the lines of Christmas and Halloween but this sounds like the next best thing. Looks like we will miss it by a week though.


I’m not a fan of the name. Limited…just sounds well, limited:laugh: That being said, I am excited to see what’s going on the week I am there in January.


I was reading the blog…and some of what they have planned, are things they used to do all the time. They advertise it as special…and I guess it is because they don’t do it regularly anymore, but I don’t know. I am afraid I have become a bit “jaded” ----most of the “new” things they implement are made to appear that they are for our benefit, when really…they are marketing tactics. Just my Op…


Do they have a list of what event is going on when? Maybe I could plan my trip around something I want to see.


I am not interested. There is enough going on around me at WDW that I don’t need another layer of magical things. I can’t get enough of the “regular” magic as it is


I like to think there’ll be something different each week, especially the weeks I’d be there. I particularly like the Valentines event, and I’d love to see the Independence event too. As for the ice sculptures, well, I am always in awe of those!


Any updates on this? Been looking and haven’t found anything scheduled.


Me, too, Bug! I want a SCHEDULE of the surprise extra magic! :laugh:


Do you read the Disney Insider? No schedule but a bit more explanation than I heard before…

Make Time for Magic | Disney Insider | Disney


[QUOTE=smallworld;1127573]Do you read the Disney Insider? No schedule but a bit more explanation than I heard before…

Make Time for Magic | Disney Insider | Disney[/QUOTE]

Thank you. No I don’t normally read that but it explained the new promo to me a bit better. Didn’t realize it was a daily contest to sign up for. I thought it was specials they were planning that people who were going that week might have a chance to participate in.


…I still am not sure exactly how this will work…waiting for someone to go and experience it and report back…:closedeye


No, I think those are two separate things. There is a contest, and they were saying it would help people get to Disney to experience those things, but not that the contest was necessary to do the new things.

Also, it looks like the original impression of a new thing every week isn’t necessarily the right one. Or maybe that was just my impression?

Mostly I’m annoyed that the thing I would really like to see is happening at a time I have no chance at it!