New addition to our Disney family!


I will preface this by saying last year I fell in LOVE with the Allison Lefcort painting “Blushing Tink” that I saw in the DTD gallery. After a week of whining over it, by the end of the week I finally justified it’s purchase b/c we had eaten for free the whole week. So, the “pink tink” has been on my bedroom wall for a year and I’ve LOVED admiring it. :wub: :heart: :wub:

None the less, over the year I had been daydreaming of it’s sister print “Sitting Pretty” Tink but knew I wouldn’t be able to get it until possibly, well who knows when. :dry:

WELL, TODAY we went downtown and there is this gallery that has tons of awesome Disney collectibles, pieces of art, cell animation, etc… and LOW AND BEHOLD what’s sitting pretty on the wall… TINK!!! :angel: It was $100 cheaper than they sell it in the DTD/EPCOT gallery for AND after talking to the gallery owner she gave me 10% ADDITIONAL off when she found out i was a pre-k teacher b/c they are having a “Children’s Book Art Fest” and asked if I would bring flyers to my school!

I am SOOOO excited!!! YAY!:biggrin:

Here they are… the aqua one is the one I got today, obvisouly it’s not hanging yet.


Wow, that’s really pretty. Good for you!


I :wub: :heart: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


those are GORGEOUS!


they are so beautiful!!! oh i want them so bad they are so cute


Oh Wish! I love them! :wub: They are sooooo cute! Congrats on your latest purchase!


Just BEAUTIFUL!!! :wink:


She’s hung! :wub: :heart: :wub: :huh:





I stare at those everytime I go in the DTD or EPCOT gallery…ONE DAY…I will purchase Disney Art!!
But those are SIMPLY gorgeous!!!


What a terrific pair! Congratulations on expanding your family!



I love them! The aqua background definately makes that wall pop!


Beautiful! And you had a perfect spot for it. Enjoy!


I love them…I hope to someday fill my walls with Mickey’s! :mickey:


They’re both really cool. And it looks so great wher you hung it.