New Annual Pass Holder Question


Well, my DH and I bit the bullet and bought APs this past Christmas trip. This guaranteed us savings on our park tickets for our (adults only) anniversary trip in May. :flowers: (Yes, we’re nuts! Michiganders buying APs…sheesh!:whistling)

Here’s my question… (ok question[U]S[/U])

How often to new incentives come out for deals for APH? Is the newsletter and site the only two resources to check for discounts? Has anyone seen any discounts for May? (Saving more means more spending $!!) :biggrin:


I always check mousesavers . com for current discounts. The current AP discount runs through 4/16.


Thanks for the information!


We are Michiganders too, and have bought annual passes quite a few times. If we know we will have more than one trip in a year, we buy the passes. It also allows you to buy the tables in wonderland card, for discounts on meals. At least it did, I don’t really know if that is the case anymore.


We are from VA and brought them this year because it’s cheaper with the two trips we are taking this year.


same for us we bought aps in December because of 2 trips within a year. I know that for Oct. discounts they will most likely be out in Aug. Call and talk to a cm and see if you can find anything out. I also did save a quiet a bit off our purchases with the 10% off with the ap.


We are from Colorado and are buying AP’s this year due to two trips. Maybe I can sqeeze in a third trip this year! I like all of the discounts you get with it.


And as you know we’re from the UK and have managed before two 24 day stays so we really make the most of our AP’s!! It’s just a case of working out when we need to return before the AP expires.
I usually find on here other member’s post discounts and offers as soon as they are released- besides keeping an eye on the AP newsletter and mousesavers.


We bought them this year also. My mom and dad and I we wish we would have bought them sooner!


We are from Maine, just renewed. . .if we time everything right, we will have three trips in a year (one being a weekend excursion). The discounts on rooms and meals and other events helps too.


I am still working on how to get a Florida residence AP and think I have found a way and hope it will work.


we always get AP’S,this year we will get 3 trips out of one AP,for a total of 34 nights,we got thr prmier annual pass which also includes DLR ,since we live in SoCAl,it is great,we also do TIW ,great savings on 3 trips…if you paln it right and you go at least twice a year it is a no brainer…we just don’t renew until we plan on going again…so very little waste time