New babies at Animal Kingdom


I just read on the National Zoo website, based on a recommendation of the Cheetah Species Survival Plan, three female cheetahs were sent to Animal Kingdom. They were born in April 2005 and are cute as can be. I’ve been watching them grow up on their (zoo) cam site and hope we get to see them next month.


awww!!! I :heart: baby animals! I hope to see them in a couple of weeks~


awww how great! I hope to see pics of them!


Wow, that’s so cool! I’ll be on the lookout in Dec!


Cute! I bet they look like regular cat kittens at such a young age…


They do, and they play just like kittens too. Sure was fun watching them grow up.


What’s the web site so we can go see the web cam ?


Cheetah Cam, though the babies are not there anymore.

But their pics are here.



Hope I see them in Nov. I’ll post pic’s if I do. Thanks for the heads up and the link.


Their 2 brothers are still there along with 3 adults. You can see the babies on cam #3. While on the site, go to the Panda cam. You’ll get such a hoot watching mom and baby play.


that is really cool. i am glad to see that AK is really helping conservation…


Awww - why do I want to take home every baby animal I see? We were there in March when the new little baby girl elephant was out for the first time - she was sooo sweet.


They are such beautiful animals! I would love to see the babies!!! Thanks for posting the pictures David.


Wow, you would have had a hard time getting that on the plane!:laugh:


:laugh: So far I’ve wanted a baby hippo, a baby elephant, a baby giraffe and a baby rhino.


Well, now we know what to get you for Christmas. :happy:

Interestingly, Gayla’s daughter was or is a songwriter for Disney. :happy: