New baby born at Animal Kingdom park


Dec. 5, 2008 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomed the 28th gerenuk calf weighing in at six pounds and approximately two feet tall, after a seven-month gestation.

Full article here:
Disney Welcomes New Calf (Disney News Blog)

Oh my gosh, she is gorgeous. :wub::heart:


Awww, I wanna go see her!!!
Oooh, a field trip?? Nah, the district would never approve it . . .


Oh how cute is that?


How beautiful , maybe I’ll get to see her next week.


Aw:wub: What a sweet little baby! Look at those ears!:happy:


I want one!!!


She is the cutest thing ever! :wub:
With her big floppy ears :laugh:



Too cute! :heart:


How adorable!


AWWWWW! Beautiful.


How cute is that???


Unbelievable cuteness!


I want one too :cool: Maybe I could keep her in my yard… :slight_smile:


Ohmigoodness-- too cute! She looks so huggable!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing the picture. It is awesome that Disney can entertain AND do something good for animals at the same time.


He’s such a cutie! When we were just there we got to see a baby Eland that was only 24 hours old. He was such a cutie, we got to see him in AK in Rafiki’s Planet watch. I posted a pic (although not a very good one as he is surrounded by people) in my TR.

Thanks Wishy for sharing this beautiful babe with us.


Oh how absolutely adorable!


OMG, how cute is that!?!? Too sweet


Very cute and with those ears it looks like a strong wind will have her lift off