New baby elephant at DAK!


[B]Baby Elephant Receives Warm Welcome at Disney’s Animal Kingdom[/B]

from the Disney Parks Blog:

We’re proud to report that the elephant herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom got just a little larger with the birth yesterday (August 24) of our newest calf. Weighing 311 pounds, the male African elephant (no name yet!) was welcomed into the group by his mother Vasha, 10 herd members and our animal care professionals assisting with the birth.

This latest addition is the second calf for 25-year-old Vasha, who gave birth to a female calf, Kianga, in 2004. The natural bonding between mother and calf is fascinating to watch (wish I could spend the whole day watching our elephants!). The team is encouraged by the early interaction between mother and calf and will continue to monitor them closely for the next several weeks.

This is the sixth elephant born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Others include:
Tufani, a male, born in 2003;
Kianga, a female, born in 2004;
Nadirah a female, born in 2005;
Tsavo, a male, born in 2008;
Luna, a female born 2010.


Oh - isn’t he adorable!:wub: They are having such success with the elephant breeding program at the AK! How great for the conservation of these beautiful animals.


How precious! Can’t wait to see him!


So very cute!!!


He is super cute! AND… he has a name! Jabali!

Here’s a video on youtube with some info on how they pick their elephants’ names, on mom Vasha and big sister Kianga, and on the herd as a whole. Great video and some really adorable shots of little Jabali! :wub:

Baby Elephant Named “Jabali”-- “Strong as a Rock” in Swahili - Naming the Baby - YouTube


Welcome to this beautiful world. I hope you will enjoy your birth.


awwwww, I wonder what they named him.


OH! I can’t wait! DD10 is going to be so thrilled! She has a thing for elephants :wub:


You just want to give big hug and kissy-face!!!


And then run away quickly before momma stomps on you.:laugh:


Ohhhh! What a squishy little face! So sweet!! Look how nicely his sister takes care of him. Elephants are so amazing! I think we’ve been privileged to see every baby so far - I’ll be looking for Jabali next month! And I love his name - except I’m going to be singing “Like a Rock” all day…:happy: