New Beds at POR?


Sry if this has been posted already. I may have missed it. Wish there was some way to add this to POFQ during the refurb. Sounds almost like a single Murphy Bed.

To put the ongoing debate to bed once and for all (to use a very suitable metaphor) I had a great meeting today with someone who can give us an absolutely definitive answer on the extra bed in Alligator Bayou question. (Thank you for your generosity with your time if you are reading this)

So YES, the fifth person bed option IS staying, but not as a trundle bed (as they won’t fit with the new queen beds). The new option will be a fold-down bed which is actually slightly bigger than the current trundle beds, and it will allow smaller adults to use it rather than just kids. It will be located on the wall, beneath the new flat-screen television (which will also be wall-mounted) and will fold down on top of a lower, wider drawer unit. Princess and the Frog fans will spot some fun themed details on the inside of the new fold-down unit and also on the comforter pillows on the main queen beds. Oh, and AB fans will love to hear that the existing floor tiling in the bathroom and vanity areas will be staying, as it was only installed fairly recently. The general rustic concept will be staying too, but “on steroids” as one resort manager commented.

On the downside, one other thing that I learned it that the option to have an extra roll-away bed brought into the other areas (Magnolia Bend and French Quarter) will no longer be available with the queen beds, meaning that Alligator Bayou will be the ONLY option for families of five. There will also definitely be no King Bed rooms available in the new Royal Room areas (which we already knew from the booking site).

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Although I can’t see us ever needing these extra beds I think the pull down sounds a very good option? But that does limit the options for families of 5 if it’s just AB available for that size family.
I am dying to see the renovations they sound great and were needed too, much as its our ‘home from home’ resort it was a little tired in parts.


This Murphy type bed is a great solution to that uncomfortable, dusty trundle bed. Sounds great.