New beta dinning page


Has anyone seen the new dinning page when you make online ADR’s? I was just on it and it’s very nice you can pick from different options that you are looking for, if you want to see what is open of lunch at all the parks. It then shows you all that are open and what time’s are open. Very cool hats off to Disney for this.


Wow, Disney thinks of everything! That makes it so much easier to plan everything however I don’t exactly trust making my reservations online so I would probably just look at all the available places and times and call the reservation line anyway. They are always so happy on the phone plus then i get to have a small celebration with the cast member once my ADRs are finished!


This sounds like a very recent change. As in, I didn’t notice this 2 weeks ago when I was doing reservations for the weekend of May 14.
It sounds like a good upgrade. Let’s see how it plays out.


Not sure it its up 100% yet, as I was on two days ago and it was up then the next day it was back to the old one, then today it was the new one again. But it does say beta on the page so they be still working all the bugs out.


Maybe this is why I was having trouble making ADRs last week. I saw the new system yesterday, and it’s great! So much more user-friendly.


Oh, that’s cool. I have always wished that they would do this. That makes it a lot easier to find exactly what you’re looking for or to rearrange your plans to get a certain meal.


Disney Parks Blog had a little bit about this.
New, Improved Online Dining Reservation System for Walt Disney World Restaurants Disney Parks Blog


Im having issues using Internet Explorer with the new site. Says I need to update, but I am already running IE8. I can get it working by using Safari, but hope they can get IE running properly since that is what I usually use. Anyone else having issues with this?:confused:


I love the online dining reservation option, I’ll have to go check out the changes, sounds cool!


I used it last night and I really like it!!!:laugh:


whats the addy?


I used it a couple of days ago and LOVE IT! It is so much easier, better, and efficient than the previous site.


i think something is screwy with the page today. i aam trying to make ressies for the 16th of december, and i cannot get anything in dhs…what i also found bizzarre is olivia’s in OKW is also booked…don’t get me wrong, olivia’s is goog…but booked at 190 days??? something is up…hopefully it will correct itself later


Chris, maybe you’re being blocked because the day is 190 days out and there’s a line in the code that won’t allow any reservation before 180 days.
Or maybe not.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1035844]Chris, maybe you’re being blocked because the day is 190 days out and there’s a line in the code that won’t allow any reservation before 180 days.
Or maybe not.[/QUOTE]

i was able to book breakfast for that day - so i think there is something wrong - but like i said, it is also showing olivia’s as completely booked, so i’ll keep trying and see…


just in case - i was able to book cape may cafe for dinner - we’re staying at the BWV, so it is not a problem…

we’ll see i guess…


Just played around on the new ressie site. I really like that they show what is available by location, cuisine or time. The old system forced you to go find a location if your choice was filled. Now the whole list shows up if available or not. Great upgrade.


I’m booked with AK in September and have Dining Plan. Where do I find this link please?


when you are on the disney world page click on where to eat and it should take you right to the page.


tried again this morning - and it is working!!! i was able to get what i wanted - and was able to book for 12/17 also…loving the new system…