New Bumper Stickers


In the spirit of the standard, “my child made the honor roll” or the counter version “my kid beat up your honor student”, I present a new one.

“My dog’s been to Walt Disney World more times than your kid”.


“My dog stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel”.

What have you got gang?


That’s cute! :happy:

(I like the one about your kid beating up the honor roll student…if I saw that while driving, I’d crack up!!! :laugh: )


I’ve seen the my kid beat up your honor student lots of times now, I think it’s hysterical!

What about those stickers that say "my other car is a ___________(like a porsche or something)…I say we ladies get one that says “MY OTHER MAN IS A MOUSE!” That ought to get a few nice looks on the parkway, right!


Definitely lots of looks! But fellow Disney fans will know EXACTLY what that means!!! :laugh:


I don’t know if I’d want to advertise that “My Other Man is Goofy”, but how about “I Brake for MouseBuzzers” ?


I like my other man lives in neverland…not the ranch silly!


:laugh: Good One :laugh:


How about a bumper sticker that says;

“My other car doesn’t have a bumper sticker.”




How about:

“My other car is a Doom Buggy”


How about
" I’m going to WDW and you’re not…nah nah"


“Visualize Whirled Peas”

“Future Imagineer on Board”

“Tink is my Co-Pilot!”


Too many people would think it was that other guy that talks with a squeeky voice.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Very cute, Gamba!!! :happy:


My husband is a police officer… We have one that says "My Dad can arrest your Dad!


Anyone see the window stickons that look like a baseball halfway sticking out…like it broke the window?? I saw one the other day and it looked so real…DH was laughing at me!!


ROFL!! Y’all are so funny!!! I don’t have anything great to add - but, I wanted everyone to know that I laughed really hard at this! LOL!


I second that, Erin. :laugh: I liked DisneyHog’s alot!

I’m too lazy and unimaginative right now to think of a good one! Besides “Show me the Hunny” of course! :whistling


Cant think of anything witty…enjoyed the previous posts…LOL much.:laugh:

have a good one