New Cars Trailer!


Finally, the theatrical trailer for Cars is here, and it really looks FANTASTIC. It also goes more into the story, which appears to have a “Doc Hollywood” storyline to it. Pixar has completely outdone itself with their animation for this film. Click here for the trailer, and enjoy getting geared up for June 9th!


Thanks for the link Rowdy!


Aarrgghh! I want to see this trailer so bad! I’ll have to wait until late tonight when I can access it on my home computer! :pirate:


KEWL!!! Thanks so much for posting Rowdy!


I’m really excited for this movie! When I went to the Disney shareholders meeting a couple months ago, they showed us a whole exclusive scene from the movie, it was GREAT! :biggrin:


Thanks for the link! I am so, so excited to see Cars!


It looks like it should be a good one! thanks!!!1


I can’t wait to see this movie! Thanks for the link Rowdy!!


DS’s are going to love this movie. But they won’t be able to see it the night it opens, because we’ll be arriving at WDW!!! :happy:


Well, it’s just after 2 A.M., I got home about an hour ago and I finally got to see the trailer! I can’t wait to see this film! I think it’s cool that Paul Newman is the voice of Doc! His voice is perfect!


Disney’s posted a whole set of behind-the-scenes Podcasts about Cars for free on iTunes. There’s tons of footage and backstage stuff. Looks like a fun movie!