"new castle name is called Dream along with Mickey"


i heard that in www.wdwinfo.com said the new name of the new castle stage show is Dream along with Mickey. Dream along with Mickey is replacement of Cinderellabration.:mickey:


goodie, that means we’ll soon be seeing TR’s w/ all the juicy tidbits about the new show… and if we’re really lucky - PICTURES :flowers:


i will take the pictures of the new castle stage show.


I am so excited to see the new show! DS wasn’t so into Cinderbellaration.


Don’t forget. September 30th this new show premieres! I’ll see it with all the cast members a couple of nights before. No, I won’t ruin any surprises or anything but be prepared for a spoiler free review.


Ooooh, I can’t wait!


i can’t wait for this.


Can’t wait to see this show as well as the others during my upcoming trip. Thanks for the info.


i can’t wait for the Dream along with Mickey.


Brilliant. I am so excited about this. I cannot wait to be there!


i can’t wait to see the new castle show next Month.