New Character Meet-and-Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios


Phineas and Ferb Meet-and-Play

The Phineas and Ferb meet-and-play is located near Mama Melrose’s and the exit to the Muppet Vision 3D.

Winnie the Pooh Meet-and-Greet

The new Winnie the Pooh meet-and-greet is located in the Magic of Disney Animation building. It’s in the same spot where Lots-O’ Huggin’ Bear was.

The queue is set up to resemble pages from a storybook.


Well, now I really have to get to WDW to get a picture of Her Majesty with Pooh… gorgeous backdrop!


We were at both these character meet and greets 2 weeks ago- both were great! My kids were so very happy to see Phinneas & Ferb!


Can not wait to meet Phineas & Ferb!!!


I will take a look for these cute character meets. I love piglet stuck in the honey pot…to cute!


DD will be very excited to meet Phineas and Ferb. I hope to surprise her, but know I will probably let the secret slip.


Haha, Dana- I didn’t even notice Piglet up there!


I can’t wait to meet them. We all love the show, lol.


Oh sweet I love Phineas and Ferb I will see them in two weeks from today who hoo


Don’t forget. The Cars area meet and greet has been completely made over as well, and looks BEAUTIFUL!


The backdrop is straight from the movie! We took our DGD to see it Saturday, it is very cute. All the little ones sitting around us giggling was adorable! :heart:


Can’t wait to see that too!! Thanks for the reminder Rowdy. :happy:


Awesome!! My 6 year old will be thrilled to meet P&F!!


Definitely excited to meet Phineas and Ferb, as adults its one cartoon we really enjoy! Which characters specifically are at the Pooh meet and greet? Is it only Pooh? Our upcoming trip we’re working on getting autographs we don’t have already …