New Characters?!


I heard you were going to get to meet some new characters?! Like: Chicken Little, The Bride, Jack Skellington, Sally, The Incredibles Gang, Dory, Maleifecent, The Evil Step-Sisters, and some more. Is this true? Because I want to meet them if it is true!


The Incredibles can be found at the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at the Disney Studios


We saw the Incredibles at WDW in January! Awesome!


We saw them by chance in April. We went to the Animation theatre and when it was over we heard Mr.& Mrs. Incredible were there, and they autographed (actually a stamp) my son’s visor. Really awesome!


Man. I want to see Sora, but I think he only comes out for Halloween.


He was out one year for Halloween and I heard they thought 'bout makin him regular!!


They need to. I want to steal the keyblade for a picture.


It seems like they would almost have to get Chicken Little out as a character to support and promote the movie. That would be cool…


I would LOVE to meet maleficent, jack & sally, and Dory!!! I’ll have to keep my eyes open next time!


We met Maleficent at MNSSHP back in 2003. She said JD (my son, 8 months old at the time) that he was cute enough to eat… :laugh:


My niece & nephew told me they saw Chicken Little when they were there a couple of weeks ago!


I thought so… :wink:


Chicken Little and Abby Mallard are out and about. And so are the Incredibles.
Have fun meeting them.


Oh my gosh. I can only imagine how ugly a lifesize version of Abby Mallard will be… :laugh:


Here is the original thread, there is a posted pic of her in that. :tongue:


Thanks for pointing me to that thread. I was right. That duck, full size, is a scary thing to behold… :laugh:


I know I saw another thread a while ago…but any sightings of Kim Possible or Ron Stopable???


Oh man, you are right! Never mind the toddlers…I think I might scream if he came near ME! :eek:


It would be cool if I could meet Sora!


Just an FYI:

Chicken Little and Abby are now at Animation at MGM and the Incredibles are at Timekeeper in MK