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I am new to the board as a poster but have been enjoying reading the discussions for more than a year!

I just wanted to update everyone on a new Childrens Menu circulating through Disney. There is a link to it on Allears - essentially, if you go to any table service restaurant that is not a buffet with a child under 9, you will be presented with a menu that lists about 4 things and that is all your child can order for dinner.

As a mom with a child with reflux issues - which produce an asthma response, I am beside myself as the choices are spaghetti and meatballs, chicken fingers, hamburger, pizza, and one or two others (that I forgot).

Perhaps this isnt a big issue for others, but it is for our family because we enjoy our dinners at the World, book them 180 days in advance, and specifically choose our dining locations based upon the choices available to our daughter - hence for our upcoming trip, we had Le Cellier (for steak), Shutters (for prime rib), 50’s Cafe (for grilled chicken), Coral Reed (for grilled fish) and so on…

I called Disney because I could not imagine this was the case - and was informed by a cast member that indeed - if my daughter wanted to eat dinner in the world, and was on the meal plan, then she was limited on all 8 nights to that menu.

Am I the only person reacting like this to the new announcement?


no you’re not the only person…there is another thread “beware of generic menues”…seems quite a few poeple are not thrilled.


WElcome to mousebuzz. No, you are not the only one who isn’t thrilled. Check the other thread out mentioned in the post above.


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I don’t have any kids of that age - but I think that’s totally ridiculous! The choices aren’t even healthy. I’m sure Disney will be getting a lot of complaints about this.


I don’t see this lasting long. At the very LEAST they will have to add a few more healthy choices to the menu or get roasted (pun fully intended) by the bad publicity it will generate.

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I don’t have anything to add - but, WELCOME To Mousebuzz!!

I really dislike the new kids menu, as well. Luckily for me, it’s pretty much a non-issue for the next year.

My two older kids order off the adult menu, and Miss Caisley barely eats, and shares with us. SHe is only 2.

I hope they make a change, and quickly.


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Anyways…WHAT? :eek: Why would they do this?? That isn’t fair at all to the kids whose parents use that dining plan. :glare:


I don’t have any kids, but, if I did, I’d be really ticked off!!! I recommend that all parents with children that age go to Disney’s official web site. Click on guest services and begin an email complaint campaign. There are kids out there with very serious health issues who deserve consideration that they’re not getting!

I can’t help but notice that all of this playing around with the dining plan (this, taking popular but expensive items off the menu, etc.), occurred after the Free Dining Plan deal began to be offered. Is this a ploy to make more money during other times by forcing parents with special needs children to buy adult dining plans for them? If so, this is inexcuseable on their part. Sorry to rant, this is the first I’ve heard of this, so I’m probably overreacting a bit. Still, it bites!


Thank you to all who lamented with me about this plan! I took your advice and went on and stated my position on this…I then placed a call back to Disney Dining because I wasn’t satisfied with the first CM’s response - WELL, the second CM I spoke with was so so nice - he listened sympathetically and then noted my daughter’s condition on our reservation sheet. He suggested I bring a doctor’s note with me and indicated that between the physician’s note and his notation on the reservation sheet, the restaurants should be able to make accomodations for our little one! Phew! Thank goodness for great CM’s - They really make all the difference!

And thank’s again for responding to my post! I feel like I know each of you already as I have read your trip reports and posts every day for the past year!


Glad the second CM was able to help you! I hope that they do away or at least add to this thing!


Ah yes…finding that right CM that still has the good customer service attitude is great. :goofybounce:


this new dining plan really bites…fortunately my DS2.5 lives for chicken fingers. still, this new plan is very unfriendly to kids and parents…


and suetom - welcome to mousebuzz…