New College Representative!


So, I’m pretty excited because today I was offered a position to be a campus rep! I was so happy and I can’t wait to start! Any ideas/tips/suggestions etc. from past or present reps? Anything would be greatly appreciated!!



Hey Brynne, MB member vlogvie (I appologize if that is spelled incorrectly!) is a campus Rep and did the CP in the Fall of 06. She is very nice and helpful, I’m sure she’ll have lots to tell you!


Congrat to you!! We have a couple people here that may be able to help you with advice, etc.

WELCOME to Mousebuzz & CONGRATS!

We can’t wait to hear all about your experience!


Congrats to you! I don’t know much about the college program–but it must be awesome to be a rep!


Congratulations and welcome to Mousebuzz. It sounds like it will be a great experience for you.


Congratulations Brynne, how exciting for you. Welcome to Mousebuzz and now that you’ve joined us, don’t be a stranger. Like Wishy said, we’d love to hear all about your experience.


Congrats, Brynne!


That sounds like a cool job. Can I be a college rep? I’m a college ALUM. :biggrin:


Congratulations and welcome!


congratulations and please keep us posted…we want to know everything!!


Thanks for all the support guys! I’m glad a came across this site…I’ll make sure to let you know how everything goes!


Hey! I too am a fellow College Program 2007 Alumni, and am just about done with my first quarter being a campus rep. It was definitely a little intimidating at first, but once i met the other reps things went pretty smoothly. We didn’t have a presentation at my school this quarter, so we hosted our own “Epresentaion view and info party” (which 2 awkward freshmen boys showed up to!) but I earned enough points to remain a campus rep for next quarter!
Once you get on rep rewards you’ll see that there’s lots of activites you can do to earn points, however reaching the top tier seems pretty tough. Even though we’re not really getting paid, it’s still fun and totally worth it. I’ll be going down to WDW in december and because of the whole campus rep thing, I still get into the parks for free, and that’s good enough for me!


Hey, did any Campus Reps come to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville TX? I believe my nephew talked to on of you this fall.
I work at SHSU.