New construction at WDW


I meant to post this question when my DW and I returned from our trip last month but just forgot to do it.

We saw some construction going at WDW. It looked like either a new resort or section was being constructed near one of the golf courses. I did a little search but wasn’t able to find anything about it. Probably not an intensive search but a search nonetheless. Does anyone know what that construction is? It looked like there was a new road and a few buildings starting to go up.



We saw that too. It was on the golf course on the road going into MK. I know that they opened a Waldorf and a Hilton while we were there on Oct. 1 or 2nd.


Yep, that is where it was at. I could’t remember exactly where. I am guessing it is a new resort or an expansion of another resort.


It’s the Four Seasons Resort. I think there is a thread about it from earlier this year. Try searching for it.


Thanks I found the thread. Looks like it is going to be a pretty nice looking hotel.


Or it is the Boss Mouse beer emporium. “All beer - all day” that’s our motto.


Speaking of new. Here’s a link to the newest attraction.

New Walt Disney World ride: Walt Disney World unveils new ride at Epcot –


The Walt Disney Company - Corporate Information

Info on resort. Looks like more DVC’s on the way.