New Contest


Just thought that everyone would like to know. I got an e-mail this morning and has a new contest for the month of Feb. Just log on to You can enter to ways: log in evey day and there is a bonus entry if you have a story of a celebration you have had a disney then you can enter that for a chance to win as well. Sorry if this has already been posted or if it is in the wrong section, but I didn’t want anyone to miss the chance to enter. It would be great to see someone from here win one of the 3 sweepstakes that are going on right now.

#2 | Magical Celebrations | What will you celebrate

There is the link to the sweepstakes.


You get a free little digital gift each time you enter! Today’s gift is a Dalmation frame! Wheeeeee!


Pretty cool - thanks for the link!


Except you cant be CANADIAN…


I enter every day. You never know!!!


I’ve been entering every day. Can’t hurt even if you don’t win anything:frown:


I saved my 101 Dalmations frame to my p.c. Might be nice for the album when we get back from our April Trip


Thanks for the link! I entered online and via cell phone… :laugh:


Well there’s no chance for me then!!:laugh:


Muppet stickers today!


Thanks - I just noticed it the other day


you can’t win the grand prize if you are canadian but if you enter you still get the daily download


thanks for posting this. tim did not tell me there was an email a few wdays ago about this. we are now 4 days behind!