New Crt?


Back in October we heard about the new CRT pricing and pictures that starts on February 1st. Does anyone know if this is effective February 1st on only new reservations or all reservations, old and new?

This was the info I found:

[I]The price now includes pictures of everyone in your group with Cinderella, delivered to your resort. The cost is much more expensive now:

Breakfast: $31.99 ages 10 and up; $21.99 ages 3-9
Lunch: $33.99 ages 10 and up; $22.99 ages 3-9
Dinner: $39.99 ages 10 and up; $24.99 ages 3-9

And also, for those on the dining plan, any meal at CRT will now cost 2 sit down meals, similar to a dinner show. You must also pay for the entire meal in advance, for any reservations after February 1, 2006, with a 48 hour cancellation window.

These changes do not take place until 2/1/06.[/I]

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I was told by a CM when I called in Nov. that dinner will be hosted by the fairy godmother and prices were effective Feb. 1st . So any res. taken for after Feb. 1st would be done that way.


Breakfast: $31.99 ages 10 and up; $21.99 ages 3-9

I just got a PS for CRT for breakfast in May and the cost for 2 adults and 1 6 year old child was 103.00!!! I didn’t question it then but after reading the prices I think I was overcharged?!!! What should I do? Just call back & confirm?

Also…can someone give me some info on CRT for dinner? Is it good and worth the higher price?? Also…who are the characters for dinner?



Never tried the dinner but I would call and ask about the price that you were charged! :mickey: