New CS in Frontierland....?


Anyone heard anything? Heard a little about it on one of the 4 WDW podcasts I am now listening too.


I haven’t heard anything that I remember…


This is really not a new CS, it used to be a food cart that they turned into a bigger building to fit into Frontierland. It is on the wall between the Priates and Splash Mountain. Looks really nice, fits in totally. I wish I had taken a picture of it.


We saw it too this weekend . . . I didn’t venture in, but I saw a guy who looked like a waiter, showing people the menu and inviting them in. The also took away the old McDonald fry cart and replaced it with a stone building.

Sorry we missed seeing you Dopey . . . with the weather on Friday, our plans got all messed up! :frown:


Is this it?

Golden Oak Outpost news - Golden Oak Outpost now open


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;930569]Is this it?

Golden Oak Outpost news - Golden Oak Outpost now open[/QUOTE]

Well that is what replaced the old McDonalds fry cart, but this CS is across the street from that.


ohh ok… I was going to say… from the way people are lining up on that mini-wall, there seems to be a severe shortage of seating at this CS! :blink::laugh:


oh yeah im excited about the fry cart…

(wow i gotta get a life)