New Dates!


Fantasyland Update:

New Fantasyland Opening Dates Announced! (Disney and Florida Attractions News Blog)


Hmmm… so they pushed the new princess restaurants/castles forward so they could push the mine train back.


I bet the restaurants open right after we leave!


this is very exciting. Except for the Mine Train. I’ll have to plan another trip for November 2014 :pinch: hehe


What’s “in time for the holidays” mean? I’m thinking nothing will be open when we get there in late September.

I’ve already told my kids that this trip they are too old for Dumbo and the Great Goofini (Barnstormer), and we will not be standing in line for anything attraction focused on preschoolers (except Winnie the Pooh).


According to what I just read, “in time for the holidays” can mean Thanksgiving through the end of December. anywhere in between those dates