New DCA Facelift in order!


Hey everyone. I was reading an article on DCA and it looks to be that TDA and WDI are setting into stone the new facelift for DCA and it looks to be wonderful as to what they have in store for the park! Its going to be based on the 1920 craftsman era of CA and what it was like for Walt when he came and started his Anaimation Studios and such (its a LONG story). I would STRONGLY suggest to anyone who is interested to go to and read the new 3/21 Al Lutz article that contains all of the detailed information of whats in store for the park as well as other things going on around the resort. Enjoy! :happy:


Thanks for the information a :heart: nd the link~


Great article, thanks for the link!

It sounds like they have some great ideas for the theming at the DCA entrance. I’ve always felt like it didn’t all quite fit together there.


wow great article, I read it twice! haha
Sounds like they have some really great plans coming up, wish they’d keep the Golden Gate Bridge but I’ll trust their planning :smile:


Awesome, just what it needed!


Same here, getting rid of the Golden Gate Bridge seemed out of the question to me, but with this whole new theme I trust that it will turn out great. DCA is really heading in the right direction lately!


I look forward to any improvements to DCA! :wink:

I really liked seeing more news on the People Mover coming back to DL too! :biggrin:


I know goof!!! How exciting is that!