New deluxe dining plan


just wondering if anyone has done the new deluxe dining plan. i plan on doing it in august, and was looking for suggestions or comments on what they thought of it.


MickeyMcFizzle used in on her trip in January. She seemed to like it. However, I feel like it would be an ungodly amount of food! You should check out her trip report!


In 2001/2/3/4 we were on the old vacation plans (Grand and Gold) and these included 3 sit meals (sit down or counter, no 2 credit signatures) each day. The Grand even included what they called a snack which could be any entrée with beverage, basically 4 meals. THAT was too much food.
The current deluxe plan still includes appetizer for all three table meals, but no tip. I’ve done math, and it’s a close call whether this pays. It is close to a break even deal if you spend about $20 for breakfast and lunch and $30 for dinner.
If you keep that in mind and think you you can eat 3 full meals a day, of swap in a few signatures along the way, I’d do it.


It’s way too much food for us. The OLD plan was way too much food for us. It actually started stressing me out feeling that I had to keep eating to pay for the thing. As we’re in DVC we almost always just have a quick bite in the morning and often don’t feel like table service every night. And the CAKE!:eek: Cake - everywhere you turn! :eek I was BEGGING people - FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY JUST TAKE MY CAKE! :eek: We’ve opted for the Disney Dining Experience Card this time - $65.00 (or $68.00? - can’t remember) and up to 10 people in your party have 20% off, including alcohol. Just seems a better deal for us. You do have to be a Florida Resident or AP holder to get it though.

But if you’ve got teenage boys and a lot of men in your group, I’d consider the Deluxe.


I don’t think it’s too much food if you have a good appetite. I don’t care to devote that much time to dining. I’d rather be in the park riding rides or seeing shows. A sit-down dining experience can take a while.


We haven’t tried any of the dining plans as of yet, but our next trip in August, we’re thinking about it. We are a family of four with an 8 & 9 year old. Those two little guys can eat the house :slight_smile:


we did the free one last september jsut DH and I it was alot of food by the time we finished the appy and had the entree we were done… then the desert and yes the cake we tried to give ours away most CS… we are not doing it again our june trip with our girls . the are both 20 ish and always one diets my middle daughter never eats that much…
but personally my DH and i loved the dining plan we had it was a great way to try places we normally wouldnt eat at.


I agree that there is too much food but the price is right - especially if they offer the free dining in Aug. again. WE usually split a counter lunch and have a nice dinner because by then we are hungry and we use most of our snacks on water. With the extra counter meals we head to Main street bakery and get a couple of muffins for breakfast the next morning or just for the kdis to have as a snack.


When we went in 2006 with free dining… I was always full after the appy, DH and DDs love it… I usually took my dessert to go, had it as a midnight snack or the next morning for breakfast… I was so bad having cake for breakfast.


There is never a problem with too much food with our family. DD and I put it to good use. Problem is hers shoots her up ad mine shoots me out. :laugh: I hope they are offering something in December.


Oh, I had the same problem! The appetizer was always so good, and then the meal would come, but I’d be full!

Only I’d save it all and have the meal for breakfast, because I often went for total decadence and ate my dessert in bed that same night. :blush: