New DHS sets


Thanks to Stitch Kingdom I saw this. I hope its complete when I get there in a month!!

WDW Character Updates: Sensational Six to Get Hollywood Glamour Makeover : Disney News :


I love it! I wish the characters had had their makeovers before my trip last week.


thats awesome:smile: i can’t wait to see their makeovers


You may have to wait until our new “casting” begins during the first week in October. I’m pretty sure that’s when these changes will go into effect, although the film strip should be up before then.


Will the characters still be out in the normal costumes?


The characters have been doing meet and greets in this area for awhile now. I think it is AWESOME they will have custom costumes and backdrops!! It will give us an excuse to have our pictures taken with them again! :biggrin:


I love the idea of Goofy in a zoot suit! How cute would Minnie be in a flapper dress? I LOVE it!


I like the idea too. (Although I wonder how much he’ll look like the hipster wolf in the Tex Avery cartoons.:cool:)

I’d also like to see a Goofy figure dressed in a zoot suit as well.


I love this idea. I like to see the characters in all kinds of costumes. Yay a new photo op!


Goofy drove the Mickey and Minni car in the Stars and Motor Cars parade wearing a zoot suit.


That is so cool!!! We will be there beginning 10/30. New costumes will be a great update.