New dining plan and signature dining?


When using two dining credits for a signature dining restaurant do you get the appetizer or is it still an entree, dessert and drink? thanks everyone!


I don’t think appetizer is included in signature dining. I think it’s only included in the deluxe plan now.


On the standard dining plan, regardless if it’s one or two credits, you don’t get the appetizer, only the dessert.
The deluxe dining plan includes appetizer and dessert with all three table service meals each day.


One doesn’t get an appetizer at breakfast with the Deluxe Dining plan.


Of course not. One doesn’t get an appetizer with breakfast because there is no such thing as an appetizer on breakfast menus in WDW.
The closest thing would be orange or apple juice along with coffee, and juice AND coffee are included with breakfast.
One doesn’t get “appetizers” per se at lunch and dinner buffets either as the entire meal, soup to nuts, is charged at one price regardless of food consumed.

However, I stand by my comment that guests get appetizer and dessert with all three meals because they can. If guests opt to not eat breakfast and instead eat just lunches and dinners, each and every one of those meals comes with appetizers and desserts which are on lunch and dinner menus, but non-existent with breakfast.


You’re saying I can’t get shrimp cocktail ahead of my pancakes? :huh: :laugh:


If the kitchen wanted to accommodate you, in theory they could serve you your shrimp cocktail at breakfast.
But how many times do I have to post that shrimp lovers need to have breakfast at Kona Cafe so they can order WDW’s only (off menu) shrimp omelet.


What if I’m in the mood for a nice salad?


Don’t be difficult or I’ll give you a time out along with your little friend Boss Mouse.:laugh:


Yum Yum,shrimp omelet!!!


oooooh shrimp omelet, sounds gross.


So I can assume you’ve never had a shrimp quiche either?