New Dining Plan question-split room reservations


I hate having to ask for this kind of help. In September we’re staying 3 nights at the AKL and 5 nights at the Contemporary. We have the dining plan for both reservations. But I’ve planned out how we’ll use them without considering if we have to use all of the meals from the first half during the first 3 days. I was hoping to hoard a couple table service meals and combine them for the signature meals. I’m afraid I already know the answer, but I’m hoping somebody knows better.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am pretty sure all the credits from the first part of your stay must be used by midnight of checkout from stay 1. You should get your new dining credits on the first day of your next 5 days,so I guess you would have that one day that overlaps?


Yeah, what Sunny said. Sorry, bub. :sad: I wish it was a different answer.


If it is 2 seperate reservations, then yes it like the others said - Unfortunately I know this from experience.:dry:


Okay everyone said it all. But this is the sucky truth. :sad: I hate that it works that way, because I would LOVE to combine 2 resorts into my trip, but I would also want to use the dining plan. It makes it no fun when you can’t bank the meals through the whole trip. :dry:


We had the same thing on our christmas trip. On the day we checked out of Pop to go to AKL we had so many snacks and CS left that we got loads of water and a couple of salads to put in the fridge at AKL, we didn’t have a TS left apart from the ones we were using that night at Boma. This the only way you will get to save some from 1 resort to the next. if you went on the night you checked out/in and before midnight!


I have a split reservation in october and am also on the dining plan. It is my understanding that the meal credits from the first reservation expire on midnight of the night I check out and the new credits start the day I check in. That to me says that there is one TS few in limbo. IT is safe to assume that you have 1 table service meal left on the morning you check out if you follow the plan and then you receive another 5 when you check in at the contemporary. I am not entirely sure how that is going to work out with room keys/dining plan, but the way I see it, you should have 6 table service meals on the morning you check in at the contemporary. If you plan it right, you could hord one TS meal. To be really safe, you should call and speak to someone in DCR and ask them how this works with a split reservation. I also need the offcial word.


The second part of this stay is where my reservations for Jiko, Cali Grill, and Narcoossee’s lay. I was going to hoard the tables by paying out of pocket for all breakfast buffets as well as one or two of the less expensive table service meals. Instead, I’m considering which TS meal I’ll either pay out of pocket or possibly only use the credits for the more expensive signature sit down. I’m already sure there’s going to be snacks left over, but I should be able to burn the counter service meals. Thanks for the answers, I was pretty sure this was the case.


Let us know how it works out for you. I am a dining plan rookie and read everything I can about it, so I don’t look like a total idioit later. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinons on it.:heart:


Dana - When you check into your second reservation you are issued entirely new room keys. The first set of dining plan options (whatever is left) stay on the one card and expire at midnight of the check-out day, as you know. The new card will have your room key and all of the second reservation dining plan options attached to it. You can use up whatever is left on the first card and on the same day start to use the second - did all of that make sense? :laugh: I really don’t know about using 2 seperate cards for 1 meal as Soundgod was hoping to do. In May, we had a TS left over and just last-minute added a breakfast on the last day of our first reservation so we wouldn’t lose it.