New Dining Spots


OK - I just looked at our ADR for our next trip and talked to all the members of our party. CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE. Help with suggestions please on what to do.

  1. March 12th - Cape May at 7:45am - Out of Pocket
    March 12th - Garden Grill at 4:40pm - Suggested that we change

  2. March 13th - Liberty Tree Tavern at 5:05pm - KEEP

  3. March 14th - Prime Time at 5:30pm - KEEP

  4. March 15th - Akershus at 8:00am - KEEP
    March 15th - Le Cellier @ 4:45pm - (CHANGE) - Wife Does Not Want to pay 2 credits.

  5. March 16th - Tusker House at 8:25am - Out of Pocket

  6. March 17th - Crystal Palace at 8:25am - (CHANGE) just changing to later

  7. March 18th - Chefs of France at 5:30am

OK - I have 1 Table Service Credit a day. I dont want to out of pocket but chose to get some character meals. Any other suggestions - I AM redoing this VERY soon and want input - maybe I will totally go another direction.

I would like to come out of pocket for 1 meal and that is the breakfast the first day - the rest is all up in the air to tell you the truth. This is the first time this didnt fall EXACTLY like I dreamed it up, so its getting a little frustrating.


On the 15th try Via Napoli. And then come tell me how it was so I know if i’ll need to change mine :happy:


Great choices~!


Mama Melrose is a must for us if you like Italian or 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian we think is one of the best character breakfasts.


Been there and it is wonderful…going back in three days.


So it looks like the ones you want to change are Epcot restaurants. Are you committed to Epcot those days? If so don’t discount Teppen Edo and Marrakesh(the shish kebobs are amazing and the kids get spagetti)…if you want Character dining, what about Chef Mickeys? or 1900 Park Fare?..if your big meat eaters try 'Ohana…have fun! I’m looking at mine now to see if I should change anything.


thought about Ohana and Via Napoli…also, what about Whispering Canyon

We have NEVER been to any of these - do they all accept DP and are they 1 credit.


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1065000]thought about Ohana and Via Napoli…also, what about Whispering Canyon

We have NEVER been to any of these - do they all accept DP and are they 1 credit.[/QUOTE]

'Ohana is great!!! That is the only restaurant that my DH makes sure we have on our ADR’s every trip! It is very good!
I have never tried Whispering Canyon, but I really want to. I have heard it is very good.


Ohana is sooo nice and also Via Napoli- both are well worth a visit, I’m sure your party will really enjoy them.


Via Napoli is wonderful!

I’m not a huge 'Ohana fan, but if you’re meat-eaters you’ll probably love it.

We always have fun at the Biergarten.


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1065000]thought about Ohana and Via Napoli…also, what about Whispering Canyon

We have NEVER been to any of these - do they all accept DP and are they 1 credit.[/QUOTE]

'Ohana is one credit and the food is yummy…plus walking around the resort after to work off some dinner is beautiful…Every time we make ADR for whispering Canyon we end up canceling them. This trip I have 'Ohana and Whispering Canyon for the same night…just can’t decide!


If you want to stay with an EPCOT restaurant on the 15th we really liked Teppan Edo and the kids were entertained.


Sounds like yummy picks!!!
What if you do lunch for Le Cellier, it’s only 1 credit.


You really do need to try O’Hana. We LOVE it! Garden Grill has some of the best character interaction on property. You get alot more time with them. However, with the menu change for the kids we won’t be back. They are going for healthier and my kids just will not eat it. We did Whispering Canyon in November and enjoyed it also, all-u-can drink milkshakes ARE included on the DDP. We also tried Via Napoli for the first time and it was very good too! You can’t go wrong with any of these.


Teppan Edo if you are committed to EPCOT. O’hana’s is really good along with 1900 Park Fare. The step sisters are hysterical at 1900 Park Fare for dinner.

If you replace LeCellar with a 1 credti dinner, you could use the other to pay for the Tusker House breakfast.


Great stuff! The only thing I see questionable for us now is Liberty Tree. We have done it several times and since they changed it from a character meal, we don’t love it as much. Not the character part, but instead the food change. It is decent though. Neat experience if you haven’t done it.

Everything else we love, even Tusker house (great buffet for the money).


About to call _ going to cancel Garden Grill and Tusker House and going to try and get Ohana and Whispering Canyon. One person does not like Italian :frowning:


Thanks everyone - I cancelled Garden Grill and Le Cellier - The cast member sounded shocked and asked why - I told her 2 credits was a little too much to ask for the regular DP - If I had Deluxe or just adults going I would definitely keep it. She mentioned that it was worth the 2 credits but they might need to look at changing it back, that she is getting many cancellations by Reg DP guests, but also said the cancellations get picked up VERY quickly so she doubted the chang would be made any time soon.

I kept Tusker House just in case I felt like going Out of Pocket for it…and we picked up both Ohana and Whispering Canyon. Ohana is a little late 8:55pm but we have never been so I will take it. We have never done Chefs of France either, so that is 3 new places…I am excited now. Also moved Crystal Palace to a dinner instead of breakfast.