New Disney Afternoon DVD releases!


I just found these release dates last night, and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep!

Tale Spin, Vol. 1 ~ 8/29/06
Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1 ~ 8/29/06

Gummi Bears, Vol. 1 ~ 11/14/06

And to add to the first volumes I already own…:biggrin:…

Chip n’ Dale, Vol. 2 ~ 11/14/06
DuckTales, Vol. 2 ~ 11/14/06

Wooooooohooooooo!!! :happy:


Cool! :ohmy: Where’d you see this??


Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule - The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD :tongue:


Hehe, thanks for the update! :happy:


You’re welcome! :cool:


I know Jeany will love this information! My fellow big Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers fan! :wink:


I’m happy because i have the volume 1 and now i will have volume 2 of Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers


I knew you would like this good news too! :happy: :wink:


Because dznygrl i’m a biggest fan of the Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers. Are you the fan of the rescue rangers too dznygrl?


I’m a HUGE fan! :biggrin: We both love Rescue Rangers!!


Those names sure do bring back memories of after-school cartoons! And throw in some Ducktales too!!


dznygrl and Jeany031 are the Rescue Rangers fans. Oh! what is your favorite part in the Rescue Rangers. Gadget goes Hawaii. What yours dznygrl.


I don’t know Jeany, I love too many parts! But Chip is my favorite, so I love it when he bangs Dale over the head. :tongue: That always cracks me up!


dznygrl my favorite rescue rangers is the evil villain Fat Cat in When you fish upon a star Fat cat captured the rescue rangers.Fat cat knows the rescue rangers symbol.


Oh yes I like that one too! I also like “The Battle of the Bulge” when they are all trying to get in shape…they look so cute in their workout clothes!


i love it dznygrl but mine is when you fish upon a star Fat Cat captured the rescue rangers. But how did fat cat know about the rescue rangers and their symbol.Can you tell me. Please!


I don’t know Jeany, I really don’t know! :huh: It’s a mystery!


Fat Cat is the rescue rangers worst enemy that’s why dznygrl. I can’t wait for the volume two of the rescue rangers and i will buy it in disneyworld.


i can’t hardly wait for 11/14/2006 to come and buy the volume two of the Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers on dvd in disneyworld.


Wow, my boys are going to be excited about Darkwing Duck!