New disney avatar


i have been updating my myspace page for the past hour, looking for avatars to shorten the length of it. i came across this disney avatar that i thought would not only be perfect to display on my page but also to use as a new avatar here. here is the website where i found it:icons, Myspace Movie Icons, Movie Icons, Myspace Movie Icon, Myspace Movie Codes, Movie Graphics, Movie icons codes, Free Myspace Movie Icons

what do you guys think?


i just found this one and had to share:

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” alt=“Bands Icons” border=“0”></a>


They’re great! I love the Peter Pan ‘whats a kiss’.


They are cute! Thanks for the link.


Cool. I’m kinda partial to the :tinkerbell: Tinkerbell :tinkerbell: one of course.:smile:


Thanks for the link tragic. I going to use the tink one for a while. Sooo cute!


i’m glad you guys like the website and were able to find avatars.


do you have avatar of the Polynesian resort?


There are a bunch of really cute avatars on there, thanks for the link!