New Disney Cruise Episode


Channel Destination America (channel 286 on direct tv in my area) will be showing a new hour long video on the cruise line and it is supposed to feature all 4 ships. 4/29/13 @ 9pm. The last video only talked about the Dream and Fantasy being in the works. I can not wait.


Thanks for sharing, its perfect timing we leave Saturday on the fantasy for our 1st Disney cruise!


Thanks for the info…Dvr is now set!!


No problem. Enjoy your cruise vthokiegirl. And 2nd Star I am so stoked to watch it.


The kids and I loved it. My son said I need to take them on the Fantasy next year. He says “yeah, make it happen mom” lol kids are funny. They want to do all four ships. so far we have done 2, and have 2 more. I am curious why it took them so long to build the second set of ships.