New disney dollars


Does anyone have any of the new Disney dollars? If so can you please scan pictures.


p.s. they are only sold at the disney parks


I heard they were out but haven’t seen any yet, I hope someone here has one or more.


I’d like to see them too


Do they still sell the ones at the Disney Store? I have a ton of those from a few months back.


They do sell them at the Disney Store but new ones just came out.


Check out ebay. They have them there. The 3 I see are different Mickey’s…old school (like Steam Boat Willie), Mickey in a band uniform, and then a regular Mickey


thanks found them
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This site has a lot of info on them: your Disney Dollar information resource


Disney dollars are also sold at the Disney store. I just bought some yesterday at the mall. Mine ($10) are cinderella.


I am going to put some in the kids easter basket, i think they will like that.


This reminds me that I need to get some Disney Dollars as part of DS & DD surprise trip.


Oh! I really love that idea! We are really looking at not loading the kids down with candy and were trying to come up with ideas to fill the eggs with. I love them too! They are so cute! I can’t wait to get the Cinderella ones. I wonder if there are any with Tink on them. DD love the princesses and Tink.:wub:


Thanks for the link. Those are really cute. I usually get them to save them, I’ll have to get these in Sept.


I have a feeling that the Easter Bunny will be leaving some at our house too. There will be some in the basket as well as hidden in eggs. That Easter Bunny is too sweet to my DD.:wub:


Oops…forgot to look at the picture of the new Disney Dollars the first time I was here. I love the $5 and $10. We have Cinderella, Donald and Aurora on our dollars that we already have. Can the Mickey ones only be gotten in the parks? Did I understand that correctly?


We got some at the Disney Store to put in the Kids’ Easter Baskets too. We were going to hide them in the house and let DD find them. We got boy and girl ones. Each kid got one $10, one $5, and five $1 bills.
We will have to look for the Mickey ones though.


:wub: Just called my local store (well one of them, we have a couple) and they have the Mickey dollars in stock. My DS really didn’t appreciate Princesses on his Christmas dollars! …and just in time for the Easter basket; GREAT!

DS and I were talking last night and he has a goal of saving $300 of spending money for our trip in September (could you announce free dining already; but I digress…:glare: ). He counted what he has and he’s almost at $200 already! :blink: With Easter and a birthday in there yet, plus a little something from Nana, I’m sure. wow, the kid’s gonna have more money to spend than me!!! :ohmy:


We got ours I actually bought the store right out of ones. Ooopppssss. Sorry for nayone in my area trying to get them. Our 10 has Stitch, the 5 has Donald Duck and the 1’s have Dumbo. I love how crisp they are! Can’t wait to see DD reaction. Dumbo was her favorite ride!


Thats a great idea


I got mine last night! They did not have the $10’s :glare: but I got 2 $5’s with Mickey, one $5 with Donald, and 5 $1’s with Mickey. I love the back too; with the Mickey sketches. DS will love to find these in his Easter basket… I also picked up a Mickey shirt ($4.99) for his basket… I see a trend developing; now if only I had the basket! :blink: