New Disney kiosk at the mall


My DD just spied this new kiosk… they are selling Disney cell phones with theming, Disney ring tones, pics, songs, themed cases, etc… Wanted to post this in case anyone is interested in getting into a Disney cell phone – these have a lot of Disney features! :mickey:


Cool! I am not getting the disney phone. I ended up going with sprint…it was a better deal unfortunately and I am all about the good deal. I will go and see if my mall has the cases etc however. Thanks for the heads-up!


I saw a commercial last night for the new Disney cell phone and service. If we had a kid, we would probably look in to it.


what are the rates for it?


I think the phones will be great for kids


is this the same ones that can only call a few numbers programmed by the parents???


The rates were attractive, though I don’t recall the exact numbers! I have the brochure in the car, so I will get back on tonight and post the prices!


:eek: Cool!

Right now I’m completely cell-phone-less. Thanks to Sprint being a big fat bunch of goobers, my credit is also taking a nice bashing. Sorry, but I’m not paying for services that I didn’t ask for (or use!)…and I’m sick of being on hold for hours, only to talk to another idiot.

Unfortunately, I have to get all this crappola worked out before I can even think of getting another phone. :dry:


thanks for the info.


wat are u guys talkin about?


I’ve seen the commercials for this. While my kids are too young for phones, I like Disney’s features. You can control what phone numbers your kids can dial and receive. You can control minutes. And you can go on line to see a list of who your child has been talking too.


Wow I didn’t know they had features like this. That’s really great! I would feel much more comfortable, if I were a parent, giving my children something like this.


I finally saw a commercial for these but we’re already hooked with Verizon and I’m the youngest of the family.

I’m 22, and I want my privacy as to where I am, lol.


Oooops… Sorry everyone! I forgot to clean out the car and bring that brochure in… but I am re-reading my post here and I can tell you that the phones not only look cool, but they do, as CJ said, offer lots of great safety features for your kids. And gee, just to ahve all those ring tones and screens and stuff…


If I understand correctly, the phones also have GPS techonology, so you can keep tabs on your kids at all times or find a lost phone.


We got our kids one of those (non-Disney) Migo phones through Verizon. We have only a few numbers set into the phone and it has some other interesting features. The most interesting and possibly most controversial feature can allow you to find their location! :ninja: For more, visit HERE and HERE. Mwuhahaaahahaaahaaa! :cool:

WARNING! :wink: I had a Disney phone as a kid. It was a toy, mind you… My sister knocked one of my teeth out with it when we were fighting over it. She just stretched out the receiver on its little springy chord and let it go smack right into my grill! I spat out a little baby Tic Tac… :pinch: :blush: So all of you parents keep this in mind! :laugh: :wink: Disney phones may affect your dental premiums! :wink:


No more driving the family sedan like a spy as the teenager “goes to the movies”…

Just sit back and keep tabs on the web…