New Disney Members At The Home Of Amelia's Man


Most everyone here knows that my family and I recently lost our beloved cat Winston. Well, when I got home from working on base this evening, my wife and kids had a special surprise for me…or I SHOULD say two surprises!!

Two absolutely BEAUTIFUL kittens! One, a calico has been named “Kida” (from Atlantis!) :mickey: , and the other, a white, part siamese with stunning black ears has been named “Minnie” ( there was absolutely no way she was going to have any other name!) :mickey: These girls are our newest family members, and I just wanted to tell all the folks here! Getting these darling kittens is a big help in our healing process! And the fact that they are rescues, makes them all the more special!
I’ll post pics of them on this thread just as soon as I get them to keep still! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


YAY!! I’m so happy for you and your family AM!! And you are right, they are even more special because they are rescued! Enjoy your new family members…can’t wait to see the pics! I bet they are sooo cute! :happy:


They are! Kida is already a little terror! Minnie was very shy and hid for about 2 hours! :sad:

But just before I logged on, I was sitting with her and petting her ears, and she was purring and nudging my hand!

I think that they are both going to fit right in at our crazy place! :tongue:


Sounds like they already rule the AM home! :tongue:


Yeah…I think I’m in trouble! :ninja:


Awww…congrats AM! :flowers: I’m a big fan of pet rescue, having adopted LOTS of cats through the years. I wish you many MANY happy years with Minnie and Kida. Can’t wait to see the pix! :biggrin:


AWWWW, how sweet! :heart: Yes, you need to take pics asap. You still have until Thursday to get in on the “Pets” Avatar Theme of the Week!" :tongue:


Aww. Congrats on the new family members! They sound adorable. Can’t wait to see pictures!


Good for your family for adopting! I’m sure they are thrilled to have a new loving home!


Congratulations on your new family fuzzbutts! :tongue: Bless you for going the rescue route too! :wink:


Congrats on your new family members!!! Now hurry up with those Pics!! Can’t wait to see Kida and Minnie!!!


Sorry to hear about Winston. :sad:

I’m glad to hear about your new babies, congrats! I can’t wait to see pictures!


Well that is just wonderful! We’ve had an epidemic of kitty adoptions recently - Kippage’s Bogart and Baxter, Cosmic’s Joel, and who adopted “Stanley” - I can’t remember? So nice that such great people are giving homes to so many kittens!


congratulations on your new additions to the family! I bet they are adorable.
Can’t wait to see their pictures!

Ps…Loving the names BTW!!!


Stanley’s mine! He’s sleeping in my avatar at the moment with his fellow adoptee, Gracie!

Congrats AM on your new babies!! I can’t wait to see pictures of them. :heart: :heart:


RIGHT! How could I forget - they are so cute!!

I need some new kittens. :crying:


How on earth did I miss this?? I am so happy for you! I’m sure Winston is smiling down on the little buggers right now!


Thanks everyone! We are the rescuing types! Our beautiful German Shepherd/Beagle mix, Cooper is his name, is also a rescue! We love em’ all! And I will be posting pics just as soon as I can take some! :wink: :tongue:


Okay folks! Here are some pictures of our new girls!

These first two are of Kida:


More pics!

These two are pictures of Minnie: