NEW Disney on Food Network Right Now


The show is called Popcorn giants and it’s taped at DL.

This is the first showing and it just started 5 minutes ago!

Just a heads up- Check out Food Network, they’re building a huge popcorn mickey




Hi, They are also showing Disney Weddings… It was very cool!


I wanted to watch that last night… I feel asleep at 7pm… Do u all know if it will be on every week?? Thanks…


The popcorn show was fun to watch. I was really doubting that it was going to look right, but the end result was pretty good. Really good even, considering it was popcorn and the amount of problems they encountered.


When will it be back on?


I saw a show last year that they repeat now and then…the food of Disney “unwrapped”’. It was a pretty fun.


I watched it!


i saw Marc Summers was in disney to a behind the scenes of your favorite food in Disney world in food unwrapped.


I watched the one with the popcorn last night. At first, it looked nothing like Mickey, but in the end, it was pretty good!! :mickey:


Hey Millermouse who are those 2 cute guys in the picture?


Hi mom…if you don’t know…then maybe we should have a talk:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


is the whole episode devoted to disney?


The whole episode is devoted to the building of a huge popcorn Mickey at DL,

However the DL views are somewhat limited, but a cool show