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I saw this on an article about Disney on

Here’s the link to the article

Disney World to raise ticket prices on Sunday - MSNBC Wire Services -

>>Disney is scheduled on Oct. 1 to begin a new promotional celebration called “Year of a Million Dreams” during which cast members will award a million prizes to resort guests during the year.<<

Here’s another part of it, which isn’t such good news!!

>>Walt Disney World is hiking ticket prices for the second time in 2006, raising the cost of a basic one-day, one-park admission to $67, according to a pricing chart posted on the company’s media Web site.

The $4 price increase takes effect Sunday.<<



What kind of prize is that?? $4.00 increase


I like their rationale for the price hike. Like they are doing us all a favor.

“We’re doing this to meet the production needs of the travel industry,” Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Polak said Saturday.

Polak said raising ticket prices now allows the new price to be included in 2007 travel guides and brochures, which she said are being prepared for publication. Polak said she did not know whether it precludes any further price hikes in 2007.<<



Another price hike irritates me no matter what the rational is. The sad part is I will pay it without thinking twice when the time comes.


i know it is hurt but it can be better.


This has me wondering if they are going to raise up seasonal and annual passes as well?


They will raise all prices across the board. I called today to purchase season passes. They are $34.00 cheaper if I buy them today.


thanks timkelmom our family did and our family has the passes and save money to.


>>This has me wondering if they are going to raise up seasonal and annual passes as well?<<

Yikes. My AP goes next week. I renewed it last week thank goodness. Cheryl’s does not expire until Oct, but we were able to purchase heer AP and received a voucher for it. We just need to have it validated when we go back for the Food & Wine.



I’ll still buy them, even though they’re raising the prices. I just wish they’d use it for something worthwhile. I’ve heard from several friends of mine who have complained about the cleanliness…


I agree J’son, hopefully that will become a priority again sometime soon. I think they have lost sight of this in some areas over the last few years.

But as for the new ‘year of a million whatever’s’ ( sorry totally forgot the title already! LOL :laugh: :laugh: ) I am really excited. We missed last year’s celebrations so it’s good to know there will be something special in place for our next trip.


I guess its only $4.00. It could be alot worse I guess.


Everything seems to be going up in price these days… I am thankful its only $4.00 and no $ 40.00 hahaha


The article said prices have gone up 22% since early '04



It’ is easier to get $1 from a million people then it is to get $1 million from one person.

Just an idea.

Thank You


ha ha ha ha - that is something we all should sit down and write and email to WDW over and over again- see if it works- then again perhaps people were complaining about the crowds and long lines so if they keep the prices high then less people will go and that will make it more exclusive… I now see where the conspiracy comes into play- its all about making it an elite experiance for few rather than a magical one for all…


Ummm… Granted, I haven’t read the article, but a 10-day stay, at $4 more per day… Doesn’t that equal $40?

It doesn’t matter how they justify it. Even if they’re using it to help pay for the year of a million dreams, I wonder what they’re going to do with the extra money after the year is over?


good thing i bought my passes for december already…


Yeah, and times a family of four, that’s $160!


the cleanliness of what? The parks? What happened to the hoardes of street sweepers?